Why is Soccer Betting So Popular & Different Types of Markets?


Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet and it is not surprising that soccer betting is the most popular sports betting option. This is interesting considering the number and types of sports available to punters worldwide. So what makes soccer betting so popular and why there is so much demand for tipster soccer.

What Makes Soccer Betting So Popular?

There are many reasons why soccer betting and tipster soccer are so popular:

  • There are almost endless betting opportunities
  • Choose from a wide range of wagers
  • Large volume of data is readily available
  • Soccer is widely covered
  • There is low margin at bookies

Endless Betting Opportunities

Soccer is different from most other sports that it is not limited to a few countries. It is played everywhere and there are fans and bettors in every part of the world. Most countries have one or more professional leagues and almost all countries participate in the FIFA World Cup.

You can take the example of England:

  • There are 4 major leagues
  • 3 knockout tournaments
  • England also participates in the Champions League and World Cup

Since there are so many football competitions, you can find almost innumerable betting opportunities. And there are many expert tipster soccer that follow these competitions.

Wide Range of Wagers

Soccer is a much more versatile sport compared to most others. There are so many events on which you can place bets and find odds from bookies, and tips and predictions from tipster soccer. In fact, football provides you with more wagering options than any other sport out there.

  • You can find wagering options with great odds
  • It is easy to find good wagers to place your bets on with very high chances of winning
  • You are not just limited to placing bets on the final outcome of the game or the score
  • You can get on almost any element that may be related to a match

10 odds soccer prediction

Popularity & Media Coverage

Another reason soccer betting and tipster soccer predictions are so popular is because of the media coverage it receives. It doesn’t need to be reiterated that football is the most followed and watched sport.

  • Soccer matches are broadcast globally every day
  • Almost all matches in the major leagues and tournaments get television coverage
  • This is beneficial for you as a punter because you can easily follow matches

The more you can watch games, the better your betting decisions can become.

Easy Access to Data

Winning tipster soccer predictions are made based on in-depth research and analysis of important factors including historical data. The good thing about soccer is that you can access all the required data online.

  • Historical data helps you in making informed decisions about potential outcome of events
  • You can find accurate and reliable data with ease
  • You can find hundreds of websites that provide in-depth statistics, game reports, and other data to help make accurate soccer predictions

Soccer Markets

As already mentioned, you can bet on almost anything on soccer. Find out some of the most popular markets you can bet on.

i. Outcome of the Match

This is the most popular soccer bet and you can find more tipster soccer predictions on this market than anything else.

  • It is also known as the money line wager or match outcome bet
  • You will be placing a bet on any one of the options – home win, draw, or away win

It is the simplicity of this bet that makes it so popular.

ii. Over/Under Bets

The over/under bet is placed on the total goals of the match. It is also a widely popular type of bet because it offers better odds compared to correct score bets.

  • Sportsbooks issue combined total goals to be scored by both the teams
  • You can place a bet whether the outcome is going to be over or under this total score
  • Soccer is a relatively low-scoring sport
  • The average over/under total goal is usually set at 2.5

iii. Correct Score Bet

This is a simple and straightforward soccer wager. As the name suggests, you will be betting on the final score of the match. It is difficult to predict this so it is best to rely on tipster soccer predictions.

  • These bets have higher odds because it is not easy to make accurate prediction
  • You will be picking the final score for both the teams
  • Example of the score include 1-1, 1-0, 1-2

iv. Halftime Result

Soccer betting also gives you the option to bet on the halftime result.

  • You will be placing a wager on who is going to lead at halftime
  • The different betting options include home team, draw and away team


You can make your own predictions or get the help of tipster soccer tips.

v. Half-time/Full-Time Bet

There is another way you can bet on soccer. The half-time/full-time (HT/FT) bet allows you to wager on both the halftime and the final result of a match. Again the options are the same:

  • Home team
  • Draw
  • Away team

You will have to make the right predictions at both the half time and full time to be able to win this bet. Since it is difficult to make this prediction, the odds are high and so are the payouts.

vi. Score/No Score Market

This is also a score-based soccer market.

  • You will be betting on whether the chosen team is going to score a goal or not
  • The bet is limited to a single game
  • This is one of the easiest soccer markets to bet on

Another similar soccer market is Both Teams to Score (BTTS). As the name suggests, you will be betting on whether both the teams are going to score in the match or not.

While many of these markets may sound to be simple, they can actually be difficult to predict. Some of the other popular soccer bets include point spread, draw no bet, first goalscorer, last goalscorer, anytime goalscorer, first team to goal, double chance, scorecast, and parlays and accumulators. This the betting markets are so vast and there are so many leagues and tournaments in this sport, it is recommended to get the help of tipster soccer predictions to increase your odds of winning.

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