Why I shouldn’t become a football tipster?

It is difficult to become a football tipster overnight as it requires many years of experience in soccer. And you don’t need to be a tipper for betting. Becoming a tipper is a different task. He has a different role to play and if you are looking for tips only then you should focus on finding the right tips.

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You can become a football tipster only when you have complete knowledge of rules of soccer. Here it can be argued that today anyone can get information n soccer rules from the web but having knowledge is the basic requirement. You need more than simple information on soccer for breaking the odds.

Here’s what you need to break an odd

  • Information on soccer rules
  • Know each team and player personally
  • Keep track of teams and players
  • Know the names of winners
  • Look how teams and players perform
  • Find out factors that affect their performance
  • See how bookies are making odds
  • Stay updated about upcoming tournaments
  • Find mathematical formulas used for breaking odds

You need working for years to start making tips but it won’t take you more than an hour to find a reliable tipster. There are many websites that sell tips and most of the sites are reliable. You can easily divide tippers into different categories according to their winning rate.

Should I buy tips from the first soccer tipper I stumble upon on the web?

It isn’t recommended that you rely on the first tips website you find on search result pages. You can consider the suggestions made by Google but you should make an opinion on a tips website only after studying its content. It is advisable that you check winning rate of a tipper before making an opinion on him.

Should I try finding a tipster with a 100% success rate?

It isn’t difficult to find a tipper with highest winning rate but achieving 100% success is next to impossible. In this situation, the game will be one-sided. You should join hands with a professional with a high strike rate like above 90% but beware of the persons that claim 100% success.

What are guaranteed tips?

Today every tipster gives guaranteed predictions. The guarantee is used as a marketing tool. It attracts attention and gives an assurance that your money won’t go waste. The professional might miss a bet but you will get a 100% return on investment.

What are free tips and are they reliable?

Some sites offer free tips but these are also part of a marketing campaign. You will get selected tips for free and if you are satisfied with the predictions, you will be asked to pay for the high odds soccer predictions.\

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What are fixed match tips?

These predictions are misleading. They are planned to make quick money by duping innocent bettors. You should never buy a fixed draw soccer prediction. On the contrary, you will enjoy betting with uncertainty more than betting on fixed-matches.

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