Why 1×2 betting tips are considered easy to make?

If you are looking for an interesting and easy football bet then 1×2 bet is for you. Also, you can easily win this bet with the help of 1×2 betting tips. But first of all you should understand what the game is and why is it more interesting than others.

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1X2 bet explained

It is called three-way betting because it involves three outcomes of a game. And the results are:

  1. Home team wins
  2. The match is a draw
  3. Away team wins

In the bet; 1 stands for the home team; X for the draw and the number 2 is for away team. And the odds are displayed before the bets.

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For example:

Club A -250

Draw +450

Club B +550

The bet clearly shows that Club A is a big favorite and Club B is a big underdog. This bet is considered easy and interesting because it gives clear hints. The Club A is a home team and it has the advantage of playing on its home-ground and before its fans. But if you study the 1x2betting tips, you will find that some tippers prefer underdogs over the favorite teams.

Variations in 1×2 betting

Sports books add more variations to the three-way betting to make it more interesting. What they do is they reduce the chances from three to two. Simply put, they can offer no draw bet that will have no option for a draw. You will get only two choices in the form of the home team and away team.

Why it is easier to break 1×2 odds?

In this bet, you only have to choose a winner and the score has nothing to do with the bet. It hardly matters whether the winning team has only one goal or multiple goals as the odd includes only yes or no. If you choose Club A, it should win or you will lose the bet.

Should I start soccer betting with 1×2 bets?

This form of betting is interesting. Also, you could find it easy to win. Following the majority rule, you can also invest your money on the home team but your decision could prove to be wrong. You can say that you can learn from your experience but learning by losing bets would cost you dearly.

You can start with 1×2 betting but with the help of a tipster. Let an efficient tipper do the calculations for you and you remain free to enjoy the game and betting. Also, you can keep making calculations on the sideline and check whether your calculation was true.

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Who should be my tipper?

Tipsters make all sorts of tips including football predictions for the weekend but for 1×2 betting, you should choose a very experienced tipster. This very bet looks easy but in reality, it is a challenge to break this odd.

You will find websites of free football predictions and tips by league but you should rely on a site only after going through its background and reviews. In short, you should have justified reasons to rely on the site.


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