Which is the best sports prediction site?


Online is the trending way of betting in soccer and other sports. The sports betting is made legal in several countries and so the online prediction sites have swarmed up the internet. With each one trying to be better and advanced than the rest, the user is left confused about picking the most accurate soccer prediction sites. Here is the secret behind picking the soccer prediction sites that can make your earnings grow manifold.

  • Site should offer research-backed tips

Research and intuition go hand in hand in soccer betting. The accurate soccer prediction sites are the ones that make use of both of these to offer reliable tips on betting. A lot of research goes behind giving tips, these are not based on the hunch purely. Some of the research points covered while furnishing tips are:

  • Players of the team – past performance, present form, previous club, present club, and so on.
  • Changes in the team and club management
  • Ground conditions
  • Team performance in home ground and away ground
  • Previous meetings of the teams and so on.

Accurate soccer prediction sites collect a lot of data and do in-depth research on the points mentioned above and several other criteria. Their results come with the backing of research making betting not more than pick and put money affair for the punters.

  • Provides information about the tipsters

Tipsters are the professionals who provide tips on the outcome of the match. The accurate soccer prediction sites are able to boast of the correctness of the results solely because of the team of tipsters they have on board. These tipsters have passion for sports and betting. They have followed the games for years and years. They are also well-conversant with various technologically advanced tools that help in providing best performing tips to the punters. This is why; the sites offering accurate prediction catch the attention of the visitors if they have introduced their tipsters. Also, the tools used for making predictions can be explained briefly through blogs. The visitors develop confidence reading all this and feel that the money is put in right hands.


  • Offers joining bonus and other benefits

Apart from being the most reliable of all accurate soccer prediction sites, the online venture should offer initial fund support to the punters. The attractive offers like free bets, or no deposit required attract one and all. Schemes like joining bonus make it easy for the starters to test the new waters without increasing the risk. If the punters are given lots of benefits at the start, they are likely to get hooked up to the betting and will turn out to be loyal customers in the long run.

  • The site has all popular games available for betting

Betting is a risky proposition. However, one can mitigate the risk by spreading it across multiple games and sports. Many of the accurate soccer prediction sites make it a point to include almost all the games played in their websites. These sites cover all soccer games played on various soils and during different seasons across the world. Apart from soccer, some of these best performing sites are offering tennis, cricket, horse-riding, biking, F1 motor race, and other games too for putting the money on bet. The availability of large number of games offers benefits such as:

  • Creates money making opportunities throughout the year
  • Reduces risk of losing money
  • Spreads risk to multiple games allowing punters to make for the loss with the win in another game
  • Provides year long entertainment source for sports lovers


  • Educates punters about the betting strategies

Punters look forward to joining a betting site when they have understood the rules of betting or learnt betting strategies correctly. The accurate soccer predictions sites are considered best when these have dedicated knowledge section for the learners or other punters. The betting site must indicate clearly what the tip means, how odds work, what the meaning of a bet is, etc. With the help of knowledge, intuition and research, the punters make money in significant amounts and are understandably drawn to the betting sites in the hope of keep on making big and bigger than before.

  • Has simple payment and withdrawal procedures

More than anything else, it is for money that any punter chooses to go to most accurate soccer prediction sites. Thus, the procedure for making payment and withdrawing earnings should not be complicated. Many punters prefer betting using Escrow accounts. Thus, all payment gateways and the modes of payments should be enlisted on the accurate soccer prediction sites. This allows the users to start betting without making any new arrangements related to the financials. Also, the withdrawal policy should not be quite stringent. It takes away the motivation as not all people are comfortable playing big bets; so, even small withdrawals should be allowed. This encourages punters to come again and bet frequently.


Some examples of the best soccer prediction sites ruling the internet

Most of the accurate soccer prediction sites have the features explained in the previous section of this article. However, the ones that have earned lot of respect and love from the punters and are appearing on the top slots of the search engines are:

  • Confirmbets: This site is very simple in design and talks straightforwardly to the visitors. The simple design and clarity of elements make this site very easy to use. It gives clearly marked yesterday, today and tomorrow sections allowing user to stay abreast with the latest developments in soccer.
  • Sport Verified: Users can find experts selected tips and bets here. The site offers the bets date wise, which helps punters in keeping record of their earnings and losses. The site also talks about upcoming fixtures and last winning tips to allow users to make good decisions.
  • SportyTraders: Major tournaments like World Cup and European league are covered here. Expert tips for free and daily free betting tips keep the punters glued to this site.

So, these are some of the pointers that can help you picking the most Accurate Soccer Prediction Sites for your betting passion.

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