Which formula should I use for soccer betting predictions?

This blog is dedicated to trustworthy Europa League predictions free from any bias. The secret of winning soccer bets is buying tips but it should be a healthy game just like the real game of football. But some bookies allegedly try influencing football matches. It is called match-fixing and it is detrimental to the sportsman spirit of the game.

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Match-fixing is the process of turning the game into a commercial venture where the teams play to achieve a predetermined result. For example, France vs Australia prediction could favor latter, if the match is fixed. The French team will lose the game to its Australian counterpart for dollars.

So, what should soccer betting enthusiasts do when they’re confronted with tips for fixed matches?

• The first thing you should know about match-fixing is that it is a tricky idea that is kept a secret. There are no chances of bettors or even tippers getting information about fixed matches.

• As a soccer betting enthusiast, you should believe in free play and enjoy betting to the full without worrying about match-fixing. It shouldn’t be in your mind.

• As a responsible football punter, you should be more concerned about winning tips and make sure that you get reliable soccer betting tips.

Here’re the factors that make punters believe on match-fixing

• Continuous defeat and losses despite doing the best forces punter to think that the matches they lost were fixed. They don’t want to accept their inability to break the odds.

• Tippers force the punters to believe on match-fixing. They sell the idea like a cheap product and they want to make quick money by selling tips for fixed matches.

• Some people bet on soccer matches only for quick money and they want to earn money at any cost. These punters don’t hesitate in investing in tips for fixed matches.

• News reports about bookies fixing matches fuel speculation about the reality of matches being fixed by bookies and players. But barring a few instances, none of the reports could substantiate the allegations.

• Some tippers sell fixed match tips only and they target bettors that can easily believe that matches are fixed and that tipsters have a direct say in fixing matches.

• Fixed match betting gives more and those that want to earn more rely on match-fixing and look for matches that are fixed. Also, they believe that it is easy to fix matches and that players are always ready to fix matches.

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The dark truth about match-fixing

Some newspapers reported match-fixing but they had no concrete evidence to prove that those matches were fixed. An inquiry was initiated in some of the Europa League predictions, but nothing came out of the enquirer. It is difficult to believe that matches are fixed as the players remain loyal to their countries and clubs.

The bettors are advised to turn down any appeal to believe on match-fixing. They should go straight for the scientific formula making a calculated Portugal vs Spain prediction. It is better to adhere to science for results.

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