Which English team has won the most Champions League?


The UEFA Champions League a European seasonal soccer competition held every year. The most successful soccer clubs in Europe participate in it for the ultimate European football title. If you are a punter, you would certainly want to know about the best champions league predictions to win consistently. Find out which English clubs have won the cup the most number of times.

The UEFA Champions League, once known as the European Cup, is the highest title in European club soccer. It was founded in 1955, but it exists in its current form since 1992 after being rebranded. As it is one of the most popular soccer titles in the world, it draws tens of millions of punters from all over the world seeking champions league predictions. The club that wins this title qualifies for the coveted FIFA Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup.

UEFA – Cream of European Soccer

The most successful clubs in Europe qualify to play in the UEFA. A total of 5 teams from English teams can qualify to play in this championship. Similarly, there are set maximum limits for clubs from different European leagues including the La Liga, Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Ligue 1, and others.

The English clubs that can qualify for the Champions League include:

  • The first 4 clubs from the top English league
  • Last season’s UEFA Champions League winner

Thus, 5 English teams have the chance of entering this championship.


The qualification period sets off in June. This is followed by 4 rounds and then a play-off round. A total of 32 clubs from all over Europe get to play in this league, making it difficult for you to make champions league predictions. The league has 8 different groups comprising of 4 teams in which. 16 clubs qualify from the group stages.

Most Successful English Teams

The top performing English clubs in the UEFA Champions League and European Cup are as follows:

  • Liverpool: 6 Times Winners and 3 Times Runner Ups
  • Manchester United: 3 Times Winners and 2 Times Runner Ups
  • Nottingham Forest: 2 Wins
  • Chelsea: 1 Time Winner and 1 Time Runner Up
  • Aston Villa: 1 Win

English teams have won the Champions League a total of 13 times, second only to the Spanish teams. Most recently, Liverpool won the title by beating another English club Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the finals. Liverpool is also the first English club to have retained the cup.

English teams also have the record for the most number of consecutive wins for teams from a single country. There are even more stats that can provide you valuable insights to make winning champions league predictions:

  • The clubs that win the Champions League 5 times or 3 consecutive times get a unique multiple-winner badge
  • There are 6 clubs with this badge, including Real Madrid, Liverpool, Ajax, Barcelona, Milan, and Bayern Munich
  • Before 2009, the clubs with this badge could keep the original trophy. After 2009, these teams receive a replica of the trophy.

English Football Dominating Champions League

The period of 1976 to 1984 is considered as the period of total domination of English football in the Champions League (known as European Cup at the time). Liverpool led the English charge, defeating every team they faced. From 1977 to 1982, a record of 6 successful Cup finals were won by English clubs.

  • Liverpool, under the guidance of Bob Paisley, defeated Borussia Monchengladback in 1977
  • Liverpool beat Club Brugge the next year to become the first English team to retain the Cup
  • Nottingham Forest entered the Cup finals the next year after beating Liverpool, going on to defeat Malmo to grab the European title
  • Nottingham Forest retained the title the next year, 1979-80 season, by beating Hamburg
  • The next season Liverpool made a comeback to win the Cup by defeating Real Madrid
  • The 1981-82 season was also won by an English club, as Aston Villa won its European Cup debut performance.


The streak of consecutive wins for the English teams came to an end in the 1982-83 season, but Liverpool returned the next season to win again against Roma.

Interesting Facts About Champions League

If you are a bettor, there are many reasons for gaining in-depth knowledge of the UEFA Champions League. Such knowledge can make it much easier for you to make champions league predictions. Some of the most interesting facts about this title cup are as follows:

  • The Champions League was first created in 1955. It gained its current format in 1992
  • It was earlier known as the European Cup
  • The first finals winner was Real Madrid
  • There are 2 clubs that have lost more finals than they have won. These clubs are the Portuguese Benfica and Italian Juventus. They have won the finals 2 times and lost 5 times
  • Wayne Rooney, playing for Manchester United, is the top English goal scorer in the Champions League. He has scored a total of 30 goals in the championship.
  • The second-highest English goal scorer is Paul Scholes. He scored a total of 24 goals in the championship. He also scored these goals playing for Manchester United.
  • Frank Lampard is the third-ranking English player with 23 goals, playing for Chelsea.
  • The UEFA Champions League’s anthem was written by Tony Britten in 1992.
  • The fastest goal scored in the championship was in 10.12 seconds. It was scored in 2007 by Roy Makkay of Bayern Munich against Real Madrid.
  • Mike Newell is the first English player to score a hat-trick in the tournament while playing for Blackburn Rovers in 1995

The other English players to score a hat-trick in the event include Andy Cole, Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, Harry Kane, and Raheem Sterling. Andy Cole and Michael Owen have scored hat-tricks more than once in the event.

So if you are an avid punter looking for the best champions league predictions, make sure to gain as much information about the soccer event as possible. Identifying trends can help you significantly increase your chances of winning.

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