Which Are The Best Football Prediction Site In The World?


Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. This also makes it first sport on the list of sports bettors who seek thrill and profits. If you are a soccer punter, you should find the best football prediction site in the world for so many reasons. Most obviously, it will help you in getting accurate predictions based on in-depth research to win consistently and make profits.

Since there are many websites specializing in soccer predictions and tips, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. The following guide should help you in finding the best football prediction site in the world.


1. Posting Tips at the Right Time

You should consider the time that the prediction site posts their tips. The best football prediction site in the world will post its tips and predictions by the night before the match. They spend the time until then to do the research on current team news. This also helps in getting the early price value prior to the odds beginning to shorten.

You can contact each site to learn about the time they post their tips. Many websites will list this information clearly. You can also check their site at the mentioned time to ensure that the tips are updated.


2. In-play Soccer Betting Tips

Next, you should check whether the website offers in-play soccer betting tips or not. The ideal platform will provide live tips on a daily basis. In-play soccer tips are highly popular with betting fans. This is because there are obvious advantages:


  • In-play odds are going to be higher compared to the odds before the match
  • If you notice that there is a potential comeback, you should consider playing in-play
  • It is also beneficial when it is a fast-paced soccer match


3. Maximum Leagues Covered

Another point to consider when choosing the best football prediction site in the world is the number and types of leagues covered by them. You should expect detailed explanations for all the popular leagues, including the following:

  • Scottish Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Serie A
  • FA Cup
  • Bundesliga
  • Eredivisie
  • Portugal Primera
  • Ligue 1
  • Europa League
  • Champions League

As a punter, you may also be interested in betting smaller leagues and lesser known leagues from Asian, South American, and even African countries. Look for the leagues and cups covered by the platform based on your preferences.


4. Choose a Reliable Prediction Site

Next, you should consider the reliability of the platform when choosing them.

  • You can test their tips to check whether they are reliable
  • Start with bets with smaller stakes
  • Check the site’s online reputation

You should be able to learn about the quality of their predictions and tips from other punters.


5. Check the Platform’s Interface

Next, check the soccer prediction site’s user interface. It should give you a clear idea of the quality of site and how much effort is put into it to make it user-friendly to punters.

  • The user interface should be highly interactive
  • The platform should be easy to navigate
  • You should be able to find the required tips on the desired leagues and matches with just few clicks
  • It should be easy to find the highlights, trending news, match previews, and explanations

More interactive betting prediction platforms are followed by more tipsters, and they are more popular. Such sites provide clearer and easily comprehensible analysis.


6. Covering All Types of Bets

The will provide tips and predictions for all the different types of soccer markets. This includes tips and explanations for:

  • Double chance
  • Draw no bet
  • Asian handicap
  • Correct score
  • First goalscorer
  • Last goalscorer
  • Scorecasts
  • Over/under
  • BTTS
  • Props
  • Accumulators

And even live score betting

Every punter has their own preferences when betting on soccer matches. The ideal betting tips platform will cover tips for everything that you intend to place bets on.

Need for Soccer Betting Platforms

Sports betting is always going to carry an element of risk. If you are a punter seeking fun, you may not worry as much about the risk of losing your stake. However, if you are serious about making profits from it, you should cover all the ends. This is where you will need the help of the best football prediction site in the world.


If you want to engage in soccer betting, you should be ready to take calculated risks. That is exactly what the bookmakers’ odds depict when you intend to place your bet. As a bettor, your goal should be to pursue profits and not just win every bet you place. There are certain rules that you should know about if you want to become a successful soccer punter:

  • Every expensed soccer punter knows that the best football prediction site in the world ensure more wins than loses
  • If you want to make profits, you should have access to the right information in the form of tips, statistics, and explanations
  • Accurate soccer predictions are made based on in-depth study of the following factors by expensed tipsters:
    • Past matches
    • Home/away game performances
    • Weather
    • Current team form
    • Current chemistry between team & its management
    • Player suspensions & injuries
    • Current key player form
  • Accurate predictions are made by experts who are constantly focusing on all the games and events surrounding the teams involved in a match
  • Even as a big soccer fan, you cannot have access to the in-depth information and statistics that tipsters at the best football prediction site in the world have

So it is important to get the help of soccer tipsters to be able to win consistently and generate profits. As a soccer punter, you cannot have all the time to dedicate to collect the information and data and conduct in-depth analysis to come up with accurate conclusions.

The best football prediction site in the world have a community of tipsters who will do all the hard work for you – from gathering the information and data to its evaluation to making predictions. All you will have to do is to benefit from their predictions and win on a consistent basis.

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