What the best correct score tipster should do to attract bettors?

There are some things that the best correct score tipster would never do. The first thing is making tall claims. So, what are tall claims? Is offering 100% success a tall claim? Yes, it is. 100% success looks more like a daydream than a reality. 

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Why 100% success is called a tall claim?

The ht/ft football predictions aren’t difficult to make and a very senior tipper with many years of experience in soccer betting can make correct tips every time but even he won’t give assurance of 100% success. And those that assure their members of full success fail most of the times.

But it isn’t that the tippers shouldn’t make claims or give any assurance. Every tipster would want to attract bettors and giving a guarantee or assurance of good results is a great way to highlight tips. But the tipsters should maintain a fine balance between claim and assurance.

The second thing a reliable tipper would avoid doing is giving reasons. If you visit a football tips website, you will see the site giving reasons to buy tips from it. But there is little need to give reasons when the site is doing a good job as the job would be visible from its track record.

The third thing a trustworthy tips site won’t do is to urge the visitors to check its experience or go through the track record. The sites that use their data for marketing might be lacking the confidence needed to win the trust of the bettors. The site would be very straightforward in its message and it would expect an intelligent decision from the visitors.

The fourth thing a trustworthy site shouldn’t do is to give lucrative offers. Here you should know the difference between a simple business offer and a lucrative offer. If a tipster gives guaranteed tips, it is an offer by a tipper, but if the offer is of discount or free tips predictions then it could be a trap.

Free tips sometimes work like a marketing campaign. For example, a new tipper offers free tips for a certain time. He does so to highlight his tips. He promises winning tips for free and believes the punters would buy tips after winning with free predictions.

A reliable tipster would never disclose his sources, especially inside connections. But he will educate its members on how he makes tips. It is easier to recognize a trustworthy tips website if you know the characteristics of a reliable predictions site.


The best correct score tipster would promise correct tips at no extra cost. He would offer guaranteed tips and fulfill his promise of a guarantee. You will want to check his track record after reading his offer.

There is one thing that you should do while looking for a reliable soccer prediction site. It is to avoid 1*2 fixed match soccer prediction sites that promise tips for matches that are fixed. In reality, these websites are frauds because there is no truth in match-fixing.



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