What is the truth behind match fixing?

Fixed Soccer Matches List

Do you believe in match fixing in the game of football? Barring some unspecified news reports, there is no proof of match fixing but some tipsters claim that football matches are fixed and that they have authentic information on fixed matches. They even claim that they can provide tips for fixed matches.

Match fixing is a business for tipsters

A tipster contacts bettors with information on match fixing and offers winning tips at cheap price. Bettors that believe on the offer buy tip and wait for the results. What the tipster does he divides the bettors into three parts and give three different tips to the punters.

Tipsters keep fixed soccer matches list to sell their tips to bettors that believe in match fixing. Bettors are divided into three parts and each part is provided a different tip. Only one third of punters win and they become loyal customers of tipsters. They start believing in match fixing and tips for fixed matches.

Tipsters make good profit by selling tips for matches that are never fixed. They make loyal customers and then start increasing their charges with every tip. Bettors rely on the tippers and give them as much money as they demand.

Match fixing is fake

Match fixing

There is nothing like match fixing as isn’t possible. You can’t buy an entire team and it isn’t possible to get desired results without bribing the entire team. Serious bettors shouldn’t believe on match fixingand avoid mails and messages from tipsters that promote match fixing.

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