What is the safest bet in football?


Football betting offers a promising avenue for making money. Punters, however, are not making money always. They are facing the risk of losing money at many instances. To combat this situation, punters are usually searching for sure win bets that can help them boost their earnings. Betting is a very dicey game and there is no assurance of winning money from bets. But, with the help of bets that come with a little assurance of win, one can make the betting a profit-making proposition.

How to identify sure win bets?

An experienced punter is the one that can identify the sure win bets from a vague look. The starters, however, may need some tips to understand the nature of bet and whether it is going to fetch the returns or not. One of the classic ways of identifying a sure win bet is the stake it carries. Those bets that are priced almost the lowest can be considered the sure win bets. Sure win bet favors the odd that is most likely to happen. For example, when the odds are kept in favor of a very strong team playing in the home ground, the probability of results to be in its favor is quite high. Thus, it qualifies to be a sure win bet. Various accumulator bets known as acca bets of sure win style are curated by the best betting sites. The punters need to keep themselves abreast about the same to generate assured income.

Types of bets having higher probability of winning

A bet is likely to win the punter assured money if it is made in favor of a strong team. Also, the probability of winning is higher when the bet is made on a range instead of a particular score. For example, betting on team A and team B’s exact score is quite risky, but over and under is not. The sure win bets of some popular types are:


  1. Half-time under 1.5 goals: Team A vs Team B half time under 1.5 goals at odds of 1.36 suggest that the Team A is a stronger. It will not allow team B to overpower it from the very start of the match. Before half time, the total goals scored will be under 1.5. Sometimes, it also means that both teams are quite strong and will give each other a tough fight. With the help of research involving past meetings of the teams, one can back the decision and place the bet.
  2. Half-time over 1.5 goals: One sided matches come with the possibility of any of the team scoring lots of goals. Thus, half-time over 1.5 goals proves to be one of the sure win bets when there is a lot of difference in the form of contending teams. The past meetings showing the one team scoring win over the other also form the basis for this bet. Similarly, betting on the match where the team is playing on the home ground and has scored lots of goals in the past in similar conditions is likely to yield sure win.
  3. Asian Handicap: It is Asian form of betting on soccer games. The stronger team is given a plus side of score, say +0.5, +1, +1.5 or so on, and the reverse holds true for weaker team. Punters can find right from the betting system how the odds are placed for any particular game. This method takes away the possibility of match ending in draw from betting perspective. Also, the stakes are given more weightage allowing the users to make more money off any single bet. Of the various bets under Asian Handicap system, Asian Handicap +1 is considered sure win. This is one of the sure win bets where the team selected even on losing the game by one goal, takes away the chance of losing money. On the instance of losing, the punter gets the stake back, making it one of the safest bets available.
  4. Draw no bet: No one can actually predict the outcome of the match with full confidence, there can only be speculations about the same. Draw no bet, therefore, proves to be the safest of sure win bet as this gives back the money to the punter in case the match draws. The money is earned when the supported team wins and the loss is reported when it loses the match. This bet should be placed when one of the teams is exceptionally strong and the match is likely to be one-sided. Situations when the draw no bet is good idea are:
  • Stronger team playing in home ground
  • Stronger team record shows most wins against the contending team
  • Stronger team winning mostly by larger margins



  • Treble bets or accumulator bets having combination of three bets: Accumulator bets are normally not counted under sure win bets because to lose the acca, anyone bet has to end in negative result. The bookmakers offer three times and more returns on the acca bets because the risk increases with inclusion of multiple bets. However, the three-bet arrangement involving the small bets with obvious results can give sure win. Since all the performances are easy to  observe and research upon, the chance of losing decreases and the earnings are definitely increased by three times.
  • 2nd half over 0.5 goals: This is one of the most obvious happenings in a soccer match. The second half sees lot of action and thus, betting score of over 0.5 goals comes out to be sure win bets given the times it has made money for the punters. The teams display their best game and try to make the most of the time left to win the title. The compounding excitement, a little bit of desperation and solid ground work contribute to the possibility of having a goal or two on scoreboard.

So, think of these sure win bets when you are trying to learn the art of betting. You can also design a strategy of your own while having one of these bets in your game plan.

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