What is the dark truth of 100% free fixed soccer matches?

There is no truth in the claim of 100% free fixed soccer matches. The offer of free tips and information about fixed matches is lucrative but it is misleading. Soccer betting is a game and it has to be played with sportsman spirit. In this blog, we’ll discuss the business of fixed-match tips.

100% free fixed soccer matches

Fixed-match tips seem to be the best football fixtures predictions. It is 100% success with maximum profit. You will be offered a tip for free and if it materializes, you will certainly be interested in buying more. It is where you need to be very careful with the idea of match-fixing.

Step One: A tipper contacts soccer betting enthusiasts through digital marketing and offers free tips for fixed-matches. He boasts of inside connections with big betting syndicates that have the money-power to bribe players and get desired results.

Step Two: He divides the interested punters into three categories and gives them different tips. He knows that only one-third of the bettors would win and become his loyal customers. Also, he knows that these one-third loyal bettors would bring more customers through word-of-mouth.

Step Three: After free tips, the bettors would be asked to pay for more tips. And the winners of free bets will happily accept the business offer. It is like a partnership deal in a fixed match.

Step Four: The tipper will repeat the process – dividing the buyers into three categories and retaining one-third of the punters at the end. And the process would continue for as long as punters keep responding to the fraud calls of match-fixing.

best football fixtures predictions

Could a soccer match be fixed?

If newspaper reports are to be believed, there are some instances that indicate that certain matches were fixed but there is no concrete evidence of match-fixing. Even police inquiry yielded no results.

Why do people believe in match-fixing?

Some hardcore soccer fans shout foul when they get unexpected results of specific football matches. For example, a strong team gets a humiliating defeat from a weaker counterpart. In this situation, the entire football community would doubt whether the match was fixed. Fraud tipsters take advantage of the matches that look fixed.

How could betting on fixed-matches be stopped?

The only way to discourage tipsters from selling fixed-match tips is to avoid their offers. You should turn a blind eye to the offers of fixed-match betting and focus on serious betting with true predictions that experienced tipper can give.

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What if a tipster might fail in giving right tips?

It is possible that a tipster could fail to give true half time draw football predictions but he will offer a guarantee of winning and fulfill his words. You will get replacement tips for failed predictions. The tipper would give you 100% success with guaranteed tips.

Are free soccer tips reliable?

Except for 100% free fixed soccer matches, every tip is reliable. You can check past record of tipsters to make an opinion on them. But you should never rely on match-fixing. You will enjoy soccer betting to the full with sportsman spirit.

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