What is Correct Score Predictions and How it’s work?


Correct score soccer betting involves picking the final score of the match. It is beyond betting on a side to win. You are correctly predicting the number of goals that will appear on the final scoreboard once the match is over. Since it is quite difficult to make this prediction, it offers excellent odds. And you will also need the help of correct score predictions sites to make accurate predictions.

So What Will You Be Betting On?

Correct score betting offers much better odds compared to betting on the outcome of the match because of the complexity associated with it. For example, it is easy to predict that Manchester United will beat a team much lower down the table. However, predicting the final score to be 3-1 can have very high odds because it is too difficult to make that prediction.

As the name suggests, you are betting on the soccer match ending on a specific result, with each side scoring a specific number of goals on the completion of full time that is 90 minutes.

Benefits Of Following Correct Score Predictions Sites

There are many benefits of following correct score predictions sites in order to place bets on this market.

  • Higher Payouts: You may be a beginner in soccer betting or someone with years of experience, you will want to bet on the correct score market because it can offer very high payouts. This is one of the hardest markets to predict with accuracy. If you can get it right, the returns on your wager can be big. In fact, it can offer even bigger odds compared to other popular bets like double chance, win to nil, and draw no bet
  • Thrilling Experience: When you follow correct score predictions sites, you are able to engage in a thrilling soccer betting experience. Both punters and bookmakers find it to be one of the most exciting markets in soccer. If you get it right, you can look forward to payouts that are several times the wager you placed.


Types of Match Outcome Bets

There are different types of soccer bets placed on the outcome of a match and some of them are covered by correct score predictions sites. These options include:

  • Full Time Correct Score Bet: As the name suggests, you will be predicting the final score of the match at the end of full-time. This type of correct score betting market offers excellent value for your wager. It is also commonly placed by punters because it is easier to make a full-time predicting compared to half-time/full-time or other sub-types of correct score predictions.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time Bet: In this case, you will be predicting the outcome, not the score, of the match at half time and at full time. You can consider betting on each one independently or in combination. When you bet on both, the odds increase and your returns increase to.
  • Extra Time: Very few correct score predictions sites also allow you to place bets during the extra time. This is when the match runs over the standard 90 minutes and you can place the bet on the final score when the extra time ends. Full-time correct score bets are limited to the final score at the end of full 90 minutes.

Some bookmakers allow you to place correct score bets along with other types of outcomes. Such bets allow you to increase your returns.

How to Pick Correct Score Predictions?

Soccer betting tipsters with correct score predictions sites use a wide range of methods to pick their correct score tips. They take many factors into account while staying up-to-date with the latest in league, team, and player news.

Current Form

Current team and player form is an extremely important factor here. The experts also account of home edge and the defensive strength of both the sides. For example, Juventus has been known to maintain clean sheets on most occasions because of its excellent home record. This makes the Italian Serie A team an excellent choice for correct score betting market.

A significant percentage of matches end in a 1-1 draw. This makes it an excellent soccer bet based on the help you get from correct score predictions sites.


Some of the other key factors considered when creating correct score betting odds include:

  • Player statistics
  • Match history
  • Overall goals

Soccer Algorithm

Many correct score predictions sites have developed time-tested and effective algorithms that use data from previous matches to make accurate goal predictions. Such algorithms significantly increase the chances of your bets ending in a win, helping you generate massive profits. Tipsters also take factors like player suspensions and injuries, and management changes into account when making their predictions.

Rules for Placing Correct Score Bet

When you place correct score bets, it is recommended to follow certain rules. The following points should help you succeed with these bets:

  • You will be mostly getting excellent odds for your selection
  • The odds will usually increase when you predict more goals to be scored in the match
  • In a full-time correct score bet, your bet will run for the entire 90 minutes
  • Even own goals count in correct score betting
  • Extra time is not calculated in standard full-time correct score bets
  • If the match gets abandoned due to some reason, the wager is usually refunded

Usually, correct score predictions sites offer tips for all the popular leagues and competitions. This includes:

  • English Premier League
  • German Bundesliga
  • Spanish Primera Liga or La Liga
  • French Ligue 1
  • Italian Serie A
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA Champions League

Some sites may also cover predictions for lower tier soccer systems including Italian Serie B, French Ligue 2, and English Football League among others. Whichever league or tournament interests you, you can find correct score predictions sites that cover them with expert predictions and tips. Such predictions can help you save valuable time and effort while you are able to win on a consistent basis.

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