What Is A Correct Score Bet in Soccer?


When betting on soccer, it is easy to think about one of the simplest seeming markets – predicting the correct score of the match. You would often think how much score both sides are going to score in the match. As simple a thing it may seem to you, it is one of the most difficult outcomes to predict. If you can look back and consider how many times you have been able to predict the correct score of a match with accuracy, you will realize how complicated it can be. This is why it is important to buy correct score tips from experienced tipsters.

Correct Score Bets

The correct score bet is a well-defined market in soccer betting. It is the third most popular type of bet in football. However, its popularity further increases in smaller games. It is a highly competitive betting market that stands out for its high odds. Thus, it offers excellent value to you compared to many other markets.

As the name suggests, correct score betting refers to correctly predicting the score of a match. The outcome can be 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 0-2 and so on. Since it is difficult to make this prediction, this type of betting market has high odds.

How to Make Winning Correct Score Predictions?

As already mentioned, the best way to increase your chances of winning on this betting market is to buy correct score tips. However, you should also learn how to come up with your own successful predictions to become a better punter in the long-term. It is best to learn how the experts come up with their predictions.

i. Spreading the Bets

When you are not sure about one correct score prediction, you can back multiple ones. This makes sense in this type of betting market because of its high odds and ROI. Correct score betting odds can typically return more than 4 times on your stake.


When you spread your bets, you are adding some insurance. Even if you lose one bet, a win on another bet can usually mean a profit.

ii. Check Average Scores

Another way to increase the accuracy of your predictions is by checking the average scores. This requires relying on statistics.

  • Check the final scores of the two sides from their past encounters
  • Also check the scores of the matches between the two sides in the same field
  • Check whether there are any dramatic changes in the lineups

It is also recommended to consider the current form of both the sides and key players.

iii. Back the Favorites

When you buy correct score tips, it is highly likely that the tipsters will back the favorites. So it is recommended to do the same when coming up with your own predictions. It makes more sense to bet on the favorites scoring higher and winning the match. You can bet on an undergo only if you think that they have an excellent chance of winning it. If it seems difficult to make an accurate prediction, it is best to buy correct score tips. You should consider betting on the underdog only when there is no value in betting on the favorites.

iv. Research the Odds

As already mentioned, the odds for this betting market are usually high. This translates into higher ROI. It is recommended to do some research on the odds to think like tipsters. When you buy correct score tips from the experts, they check the odds from different bookies. This gives a good idea of how the sportsbooks think the match is going to turn out.

You can do better research by signing up with multiple sportsbooks. This makes it easier to compare the odds from different bookies. You can get a deeper insight into the likely outcome of the match. From there you can also think of betting with the right service.


v. Consider Arbitrage Betting

You can use the arbitrage strategy in almost any betting market. You may also consider it before you buy correct score tips. If you are not certain about a specific outcome, you can bet on all the different potential outcomes. This can include multiple results that you think are likely to appear.

This is different from betting on a few random results. There will be research, calculation, and proper wagering. Your focus should be to make a profit no matter what the outcome is going to be. A lot is going to depend on the odds involved in your choice of results. Your stake is also going to affect the ROI. The goal is to generate enough profits from your winning stake to cover the losses from the others.

vi. Check the Tipsters

Predicting correct score for a match can be quite difficult. It is eventually recommended to buy correct score tips and get the help of the experts. It is not possible for you to master the art of making accurate predictions every time. It will require dedicating years and working full time as a tipster.

There are many factors involved in making correct score predictions. Even when you have accounted for everything, it is highly likely that your prediction is wrong. So instead of doing all the hard work that can be time-consuming, it is best to buy correct score tips from the experts. Tipsters are professionals who dedicate most of their time to researching and making winning predictions. It is best to find an experienced tipster with an impeccable record and rely on their predictions.

Correct score betting is usually more profitable when you choose this market in the lower leagues. Finding good value odds in higher leagues can be difficult. Similarly, it is recommended to check trends in outcomes to become better at making predictions. Eventually, you will have to get the help of experts if you want to make profits. When you buy correct score tips, you are able to make consistent wins and profits. This is something that is not possible when you do your own research and create your own predictions.

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