What is a combo multi bet?


A combo multi bet is known by various other names such as accumulator or acca, parlay, combo bets, multi-bets and so on. This concept involved clubbing two or more bets from different events together. The odds are multiplied with each inclusion. Mostly, up to 10 single bets can be clubbed together to get maximum benefits. Combo multi bets are created to extract more returns from betting games. Many of the betting sites are offering splitting of single bets further into double, triple and four fold were each leg is divided into two, three or four and so on. People search for the best combo bet tips to get idea of the most promising propositions they can have for increasing their earnings per betting session.

How combo multi bet is placed

Combo multi bet is quite popular in games like racing, horse racing events like Derby, and others.  In simplest soccer betting sites, the placing of combo multi bets is done in following steps:

  1. Different bets from various games or matches are searched.
  2. Punter starts adding the bets into their parlay while picking the odds
  3. They assign the stake amount to each bet on the basis of combo bet tips they follow
  4. Finally, they confirm the inclusion of bets in the parlay.

It is worth noting that a combo multi bet or accumulator bet fetches the earnings to the punter when all the bets of the combination end in winning. The best of the combo bet tips is that one should add only those bets in the parlay which they are fully confident of ending in win.

Combo multi bet makes it possible for the bettors to gain advantage from multiple games available on any betting site. How combo bet tips are used for placing bets can be understood by this example. Take hypothetical example of a derby race, a football game and Wimbledon game available for betting. The odds in favor of your favorite team in these games respectively are – 1.5, 2.4 and 1.8. If you choose to put total of $30 in these bets, you will be placing bets and calculating outcomes as:


  1. Derby horse A win = 1.5 * $10
  2. Football team B win = 2.4 * $10
  3. Wimbledon player C win = 10 * $10

So, total earnings will be = $15+$24+$100 = $139. So, you will receive $30 + $139 = $169 in your account. You will find that odds are raised collectively to 5.64 for a $30 bet. Thus, your overall odd increases allowing you to multiple your earnings with the help of a combo bet.

And when multi is applied to this combo bet, the odds are raised to be = 1.5*2.4*10 = 36, which will give earnings of = $30*36 = $1080. Thus, combo bet tips are very important as correct ones can increase your earnings by multi-fold.

Benefits of combo multi bets

It is important to keep record of all combo bet tips because these give you fair idea of earnings you can accumulate from single instance of betting. The biggest challenge is the risk that comes with combo multi bets, but with risk come chances of earning fairly big. Some of the important benefits of combo bets multiplied are:

  • Bigger pay-outs off small investment: The example of multiplier bet explained above shows how small amount of $30 can give to the punter more than thirty times the output. This kind of pay-out is certainly bigger than any other venue of investment. Thus, your money and instinct work truly for you when you follow combo bet tips and use them to multiply your betting odds.
  • Betting in a variety of sports: You can extend your loyalty to games beyond the football arena and include other games in your parlay. For example, the online betting sites allow you betting on horse racing, cricket, football, tennis, etc. simultaneously. Thus, you can spread the risk in a way by betting on a variety of games, and you create earning opportunities too.

Types of combo multi bets

Bettors can create a variety of parlays that apply the concept of multiplying the odds. The combo bet tips providers offer the odds on all the existing matches; it is up to the bettors to combine and create the parlays that help in scoring returns on stakes. The type of parlays available are:


  1. Exotic multiples: The multiple bets include multiple single bets and parlays in the combination. Various bookmakers have different nomenclatures for exotic multiples. For example, Trixie stands for a combination bet that may comprise of three single bets from three different events, or three sets of two parlays each or 1 set of three parlays combined together. Similarly, patent is a combination of 7 bets and the Yankee comprises of 11 bets.
  2. Boxed multiples: The boxed multiples are alternatives to single multiples. Since latter are more stringent in the sense that every bet of single bets’ set needs to score a win to give returns, the boxed multiples take stress of winning a bit down. Boxed multiples allow bettors to score a win when all bets do not give favorable results as stated in combo bet tips. For example, four-leg multi bet requires minimum of three bets to be good, six-leg multiple needs four of the bets to be won and so on.

Combo betting tips that help win big

Bettors who need to learn combination betting or acca betting can take help of these combo bet tips to excel the art of combo multi betting:

  • Treat combo bet just like a normal bet: You have to research thoroughly, take decisions wisely and read match conditions thoroughly. No one else can do this job for you. Before including any bet in the parlay, ensure that you have thought enough about those.
  • Pick only assured bets: The risk arising from combo multi bets is quite high. Thus, one must include only those bets which are having high chances according to combo bet tips.

Combo multi bet, if we understand closely, is a lucrative way of making a lot of money from betting on sports. So, if you have appetite for high risk, you can consider betting on these betting options.

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