What does 1×2 Handicap mean?


1×2 handicap is an important bet that offers punters with three-way system for betting on an outcome of a match. 1 stands for win of the team 1, X means draw and 2 means winning of team 2 that corresponds to your win. At the betting exchanges or bookmaking sites, the odds are given on the basis of the relative strength of teams when compared with one another.

1×2 handicap is different from Asian handicap predictions. It does not grant a push of odds on the weaker team or takes it away from the stronger team at the start of the match. Asian handicap is played to avoid the situation of draw, as the chances of match getting draw on the betting forum are very bleak. 1×2 handicap does not avoid the draw as an outcome. When the match is draw, the stakes are simply returned to the punter. Thus, Asian handicap predictions bring in more excitement to the match and is considered good because of the spread too.

Asian handicap predictions can be made on two outcomes of different levels, means, TEAM A win +2.0, +2.5 means that bet is divided into two. Half of it is applied when team A wins and +2.0 is added to the total number of goals scored by team A. In second half of the bet, the number of goals scored is added to 2.5 to find the earnings. In case of -2,  or -2.5, the bet that ends in zero is lost. No such spread of bet is possible in 1×2 handicap, which is also known as European handicap.


Unlike Asian handicap predictions where the results are given a figure at the very start of the match, the 1×2 handicap takes into account only the final outcome of the match.

Understanding 1×2 over/under 1.5 goals

There are a number of variations available to 1×2 handicap so that the engagement factor of the football match can be improved. Over/under goals means that the emphasis would be on quantifiable such as goals scored in the match or other numbers like points, etc. For example, when you take side of team A and go for over 1.5 goals, it means that you are speculating that the number of goals scored will be at least two in the match in addition to team A winning. Over/under 1.5 goals are the simplest bet on totals of the match and are considered an interesting way of keeping spectators glued to the match.

Similarly, you expect the score board to be clear throughout the match when the bet placed reads 1×2 under 1.5 goals. In 1×2 handicap, the second half becomes more important as you come to know about the actual performance of the teams during the match. If you have chosen Asian handicap predictions method, the -1.5 on strong team will result in 2-1.5=0.5 multiplied by stake as earning.

The 1×2 over/under 1.5 goals also have another alternative known as over/under 0.75 goals. The punters can divide the bet into two in this case. Let’s see how the bet over/under 0.75 goals fare for the punters in above and under cases:

  1. When you divide the bet into 1 and 0.5 Asian Handicap predictions, in case of over 0.75 bet, you get the money back on 0.5 bet and win the amount on 1, if the team you are backing scores the goal.
  2. In case of under 0.75 bet, you lose both bets when the team scores two goals.
  3. In case of a goal less match, the over 0.75 bet does not win the punter any money, but the under 0.75 does.

So, the earning possibilities are increased multifold when we add over/under handicap to 1×2 betting system just like it is done in Asian Handicap predictions. There are various betting exchanges and bookmakers who clearly state whether they are giving Asian handicap predictions or European handicap and let the punters decide their course of action.


Second-half betting and 1×2 handicap

The trend of second-half betting catches up with the bookies due to availability of the latest position on the ground. 1×2 handicap betting can be transformed better way by taking a look at the performance of the favorite team in the first half of the match. When the team you are backing displays a performance completely in contrast to what is made in Asian handicap predictions site or other venues, you can choose to go for bets that are likely to give results in your favor. For example, a pre-match 1×2 handicap odd of under/over 2.5 can be increased to under/over 2.8 depending upon the numbers appearing in the scoreboard in the first half of the match.

Pre-match markers like 1×2 handicap along with other betting types like under/over goal, correct score, both teams to score are common as second-half betting.

Some don’ts to consider for 1×2 handicap

Betting is addictive. One needs to ensure that the money put in betting is not breaking the bank. The punter needs to stop if constant losses are happening. You can find a number of don’ts for 1×2 handicap on Asian handicap predictions site too. Some of the popular ones are:

  1. Do no use handicap betting mindlessly: Asian handicap predictions or European 1×2 handicap work well when the teams are quite a mismatch. This will not deliver good results when the teams are comparatively strong and the match is likely to end in zero score.
  2. Do not rely on handicap alone: Handicap betting alone cannot give you good results. You can try 1×2, double chance bets, goal/no goal, etc.
  3. Do not try it as a fluke: Handicap betting like all other forms needs to be practiced thoroughly. Do not expect results in one go or while using it just as a chance. Practice helps you master the strategy. While practicing, make sure that you keep all tips in mind.

So, this is all about 1×2 betting tips. It is an age-old way of betting used for bringing more excitement to the art of betting on sports like football.


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