What Are The Top Football Leagues For Football Betting?


Betting in football has always had a very loyal fan following and with numerous leagues taking place mostly in Europe and around the world, soccer or football betting has never been so popular. Yet it is the English premier leagues which see the top draws and attract the most attention and hence football tips uk are much sought after from tipster websites.


Popular football leagues from round the world

The tips that are available from tipsters of international repute cater to a number of championships taking place around the world, especially in Europe. These championships and leagues include:

  • The Premier League: Being the richest premier league ensures that it draws the best football teams from all over the globe. Teams playing each other in home and away matches make for a very exciting yet nerve racking watch; something which gives viewers, bookmakers and punters an adrenaline rush which is difficult to match. This league is fast paced with a liberal amount of aggression thrown in and is filled with end-to-end action which keeps viewers and bettors on their toes. The margins are less, the risks are high and football tips uk need to be extremely accurate in their statistical analysis for the punters to win big. This is because the Premier League matches can truly be anyone’s game with even the lesser known sides standing a good chance to beat the top teams and leaving a mark on the global arena.


  • Championship Leagues: Another UK top football league which has the distinction of being the toughest football events to take place every year. It sees quite a large number of fixtures because the top teams earn the biggest prize of all—a promotion to play in the Premier League. This is reason enough for viewers to remain glued to the matches taking place and for punters to actively seek out football tips uk and place wagers to win big. The only way to decide on a bet for the championships is in-depth analysis of all statistics related to each game taking place.



  • Champions League UEFA: One of the topmost leagues of Europe this championship is contested by all the top A division football teams of Europe. It acts as a qualifier for the FIFA world cup and the UEFA league winners remain the undisputed leaders of football in Europe for about a year. Stakes are very high and with the English teams currently beginning to make a name, punters across Europe have started to actively seek football tips uk in an effort to ensure bigger wins.


  • FA Cup: This is another extremely exciting English football competition which also holds the distinction of being the oldest football cup competition ever to be held across the globe. It is also the stage which has witnessed many a surprise thrown in by underdogs and consequently for the bookmakers and punters, this is the championship to look out for. Results are unpredictable and at best one can follow the available football tips uk to guide them towards placing the correct wagers. Risks are very high and so are the rewards thereby making this championship cup one of the most awaited for annual football betting event.


Other European championships which occupy quite a popular place in football betting include the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish La Liga etc. Yet none of these can compare with the thrill, excitement and anticipation associated with the leagues and championships associated with English football. Consequently the football tips uk are perhaps the most coveted betting tips that punters look out for. These tips have the potential to ensure winnings for the punters. In fact with underdogs overtaking established champions, these betting tips offer punters a chance of a lifetime; to win prize money beyond their wildest dreams.


Betting tips covered

There are several different types of bets which are in vogue at these championships and football leagues and for which football tips uk are made available by tipsters. Popular among them are the:

  • Accumulator bets,
  • The BTTS bets,
  • Win-Draw-Win bets,
  • Double chance and treble chance bets,
  • Over/Under bets,
  • Half and full time bets,
  • Goal scorer bets which include first goal scores, correct scores, final scores etc.,
  • Bets placed on the winning team etc.



In some of these bets it is possible to see the outcome of the bets placed based on the football tips uk within a very short span of time while in others the outcome of a bet can only be gauged at the end of 90minutes of game play. This gives the punters a wide variety of bets to choose from and definitely enhances their chances of placing winning wagers provided they are based on betting tips which:

  • Have guarantee a high degree of accuracy,
  • Are based on updated statistical data relevant to the same,
  • Use infographics and other in-depth historical data to make the predictions,
  • Offer a comparative study of the teams playing with regards to their game strategy, style, mentality of the players, home and away factors etc.


These factors make the football tips uk precise, calculated and appropriate. These tips are also available for most of the matches taking place throughout the week as well as those taking place on weekends which see higher stakes.

But in order to be able to capitalise on the tips that are made available by tipster websites, it is also important for punters to understand and follow the pattern of the tipster. But this is a time consuming process and it is wise for the punter to start off with placing smaller bets initially and increasing the money as confidence, in the football tips uk offered by the tipsters, is gained.

Another point needs a special mention here due to its relevance to the field of football betting. A punter should know when to stop. In other words he should know what his limits are and never attempt to cross them in the hope of catching the rainbow at the end of the field. Irrespective of whether the punter is a beginner or a professional, this is one point which needs to be followed without questions asked.


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