What are the Most Popular Options for Betting on the Best Prediction Site for Football Matches?


The best prediction site for football matches will provide you with a variety of betting options. In the betting market you can earn huge profits if you are well versed with the different kinds of betting types and how site predictions work.


Choose the Best Betting Market Option for You

If you are new to football betting, your first task is to narrow down on the best prediction site for football matches. The kind of heavy lifting done with regards to prediction involve algorithms and statistics which are best left to the experts unless of course, you are a mathematics genius or have a lucky head for numbers!

The next important step is to decide the kind of betting you want to go for. Read on to find the various options available to you:


  1. Fulltime Result Bets: In fulltime result betting, which is the most popular betting choice, you get to choose between two varieties.
  • 1X2 Bets: The 1X2 type of betting is commonly referred to as three-way betting. In this kind, you can either place your bets on a team to win or lose or for the match to end on a draw. Under regular circumstances, only the 90 minutes (along with stoppage time) of the football match are considered as the time limit for the result you are betting on. For example, if you have bet on a team to win and the match goes to extra time or penalty shootouts, and then your team wins, you will still lose your bet. This is of import when it comes to matches played in knockout competitions.
  • Asian Handicap Bets: In this kind of fulltime result betting, the option of a draw is taken out. To make things more interesting, the Asian Handicap gives both sides a goal handicap. It can either be a goal advantage or a goal deficit which needs to be adjusted to the fulltime score to determine the winning/losing team. Thousands are people have been attracted to this form of betting since it was first introduced to spice up the fulltime result betting game.


  1. Betting on Halftime and Fulltime Results: You can find separate score predictions for each half of a match on the best prediction site for football matches. In this kind of betting, you can bank on half time score predictions or fulltime score predictions to see which team is at the lead at the end of each half. It is easier to win at only halftime result bets than on bets which include both halftime and fulltime results. In the latter case, you have to correctly predict on both counts to win the bet.
  1. Betting on Accumulators or Parley Bets: Football accumulators, also popularly known as combo bets or parley bets, are greatly popular with experienced betters who have been on the scene for a long time. This option essentially allows you to bet n multiple outcomes by combining the odds of each outcome onto one betting slip. While these kinds of bets promise high payoffs for very low stakes, you have to be careful with these as the value of your combo bet is diminished with each time your selection comes up with no value. Work with only the very best prediction site for football matches if you are interested in combo betting.
  1. Betting on Number of Goals Scored: The number of goals scored in a match or the fulltime score carry high odds in betting. However, these rarely turn out to be profitable simply because of the nature of unpredictability involved in the outcomes. If you have access to the best prediction site for football matches and trust your instincts and sense of precision, you might try your luck on this betting market.
  1. Over/Under Betting on Total Goals: One of the most popular football betting market is the over/under betting on total goals scored in a match. It is very simple and an ideal choice for beginners seeking to enter betting markets. Your bookmaker gives you a predefined number. You have to go through the predictions and bet on whether the total number of goals scored in the match will be greater than the cutoff number or fewer.
  2. ‘Draw No Bet’ Betting: Another very popular betting market option is the ‘draw no bet’ scheme. It is ideal for beginners or those who want to play it a little safe. In this kind of betting, you can place your bets on a team to win or lose after consulting with the best prediction site for football matches. In case of a draw in the match, your stakes are returned to you as it is considered to be a not bet placed kind of situation.


  1. Goal Scorer Bets: As understandable from the title, this particular kind of betting choice involves betting on players who you think will be a goal scorer in the match. There are a few variations which you can opt for under this type but roughly it means that if you bet on a player to score and that player scores, then you have a win on your hands! Sometimes, the best prediction site for football matches will consider the second or third goal scored as well instead of only considering the first goal and its scorer. A popular variation under this type allows you to bet on the player who you predict to be the last goal scorer of the match.
  1. Betting on Managers and Transfers: This football betting market is a little deviant from the rest and deals more with the behind the scenes of football than what happens on the field on match day. Bets on which manager will be sacked next, which manager will make it as a permanent manager etc. are common in this market. Transfer betting is also popular with fanatics who follow the happenings during off-season and are up-to-date with all football talk doing the rounds. The best prediction site for football matches might have updates and predictions to offer in this regard if you are interested.


Whether you are new to the football betting market or want to shift from one betting market to another, it is best to be updated with everything on the best score prediction site for football matches so that you are not left in the dark about information or data which can greatly affect your chances of winning a bet.

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