What Are Free Bets And How To Use Them Wisely


Bookmakers offer a lot of freebies so that punters do not leave since it is the losses suffered by the punter which keeps a bookie financially solvent. Thus every full time draw prediction site will automatically come up with free bets, free bonuses, start-up bonuses, special offers etc., so as to:

  • Lure new punters into opening an account with them and
  • Appreciate the loyalty of old experienced punters, award them accordingly and also keep encouraging them to bet more.

But just as every coin has two sides, these free bets offered are free in name only since there is no rule which says that availing them will ensure winnings. It is, thus, very important to have a thorough understanding of how the free bets work so as not to be taken in by them. In fact every free bet which is advertised comes with a rider written in minute print which says “Terms and Conditions Apply”.


Acquiring a free bet

Every a punter registers in a full time draw prediction site or any other betting website and opens up an account with them, free bets are generally offered to them by way of start-up bonus. Since free bets generally tend to match up to the amount deposited, the initial deposit of the new punter gets doubled. But the catch here is that he will not be able to withdraw this amount. However, on settlement of the qualifying bet, the free bets get credited into the account within 24 hours.

However, most of the times these free bets too come with certain conditions which need to be adhered to by the punters like:

  • Free bets can only be used in placement of bets above odds or evens,
  • They can only be placed on accumulators,
  • Placing them only on certain options available in an ongoing game of soccer etc.

These conditions are kept so that bookmakers are able to increase their chances of making money while reducing the punter’s chances of winning.

Withdrawing the free bet amount

There are several riders associated with the use of free bets. But the biggest drawback is in withdrawing free bets from sports books associated with full time draw prediction site. This is because a punter is only allowed to withdraw the money after fulfilling certain terms and conditions like:


  • One of the qualifying terms generally attached to it states that both the qualifying deposit amount and the amount of the free bet at least 3 to 20 times before the same can be withdrawn. The term “rollover” here refers to the need of placing the amount as a bet. For example if one makes a qualifying deposit of $500 and gets free bets worth $500, and the condition is to roll it over 3 times then the punter needs to place bets worth $3000 before he can even think of withdrawing the amounts from his account.
  • There are also certain minimum odds that need to be placed before the amount can be withdrawn. Since this is a mandatory condition, it has to be fulfilled along with the other conditions mentioned.
  • The bookmakers associated with good and authentic full time draw prediction site also keep a cap on the maximum winnings that a punter can achieve by rolling over the qualifying and the free bet amount.

The myth of the free bet

Thus with several conditions attached, free bets should be quite unpopular. But punters thrive on these free bets. This is because there is a feel good factor attached to seeing the money in an account double almost overnight. The availability of so much cash also enables the punter to bet on much more opportunities and options than it would otherwise have been possible for him. Thus his chances of winning increase with an increase in his account balance.

Free bets are thus highly appreciated both by new punters registering and punters who are already registered and hold multiple accounts with the full time draw prediction site. This is because the bookmakers use simple psychological tricks so as to increase their grip on the punters already registered with them and to attract and allure new punters.

Thus these free bets are advertised as a:

  • Present given to new punters who open an account with them,
  • Promotion which increases the scope and hope of winning bets for the punters,
  • Way of being appreciative of the fact that these punters are using their services and
  • Ensuring that all punter customers feel special and well-cared for.

But what happens in reality is something which is completely different and there are no altruistic motives attached to offering free bets. This is because the bookmakers offer free bets with the sole intention of:

  • Making it quite difficult for the punter to win,
  • Ensuring that punters lose money easily so that they remain customers of the full time draw prediction site for a longer time,
  • Trapping customers in a vicious circle of winning and losing while the bookmakers keep making more and more money.


It is common knowledge that every bookmaker and every punter gets associated with the risks involved in gambling since they want to win easy cash. Till such time as there are huge cash amounts associated with gambling, the bookmakers and the punters will keep indulging in this cat and mouse game.

 Checklist for free bets

Thus for the punters thinking of availing the free bets given by the full time draw prediction site, there are certain tips which , if followed, can help punter actually win using the free bets. These tips and tricks include:

  • Checking out the terms and conditions and reading them thoroughly and in depth,
  • Never going or chasing after money that is already lost and
  • Making use of the full time period given by the bookmakers within which the qualifying and the free bet amount needs to be rolled over.

Thus being hasty and emotional never pays while calculative patience always ensures a win, especially in the world of soccer gambling where both money and passions run very high.




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