The Best Football Teams in The World Currently


If you are a football fan, then knowing the current status of world football must be important to you. More so if you bet on football regularly and want to know the sure win teams. FIFA is recognised as the foremost authority of football in the world and its rankings are based on a number of factors. So when a football team enjoys FIFA high rankings, you can be assured that they are great at what they do. It is important also to consider that these teams are not just sure win teams because of the number of world Cups they managed to win, but because of their overall performance. Well, then here we present to you the best football teams in the world currently you should know about.



There is no question in any football fan’s mind that Brazil is one of the best current football teams in the world. Their sheer beauty with the ball is what keeps them on the very top for years on end. With players like Kaka, Pele and Ronaldinho, this country is known as much for its football than anything else.

Brazil won their first World Cup way back in the 50s of the previous century, so you can imagine that the country is very comfortable being considered one of the best in football. In fact, with a total of 5 FIFA World Cup victories under their belt, this is a national team that never seems to fail to surprise fans with their sheer grit and talent on the field. They are the country with the highest number of World Cup wins.



This is a sure win football team currently, and they keep getting better. They are currently in their best form and with 1 World Cup under their belt, they are considered very good at what they do. Yes, Brazil has won the World Cup a number of times but it is because teams like Spain were only marginally worse than them. This is a compliment because it goes on to show what a great team Spain is. The wonderful thing is that the team is getting better and there are a number of football players who are coming in from this team who can be acknowledged as being some of the best. Players like Lionel Messi Gerard Pique and Xavi are true greats and they are a gift of Spain to the football world.

As far as sure win teams go, this one is truly on the cusp of becoming the best of the lot.




The Swiss are known for a number of things, namely their cheese, their knives, their banks and of course the football they play. They are currently one of the best sure win teams in the world. Yes, it is a team that has not won the World Cup yet, but with the qualifying for the quarterfinals on many occasions, as well as being one of the Top 10 teams in FIFAs rankings for years now, you can count on them for playing very well. They are technically very sound and continue to play well in every game they participate in. Xherdan Shaqiri, Valon Behrami and Granit Xhaka are some of the best players that are in the team.



If you are looking for the very best sure win football teams, then Belgium definitely is up there. The country takes its football very seriously and the ardent fans ensure that the players are all heroes. The sad part is that they have never won a World Cup yet, but the truth is that they played tremendously in all of the World Cups they have played. The country has seen some great players and it is now enjoying the top position with a tie with France in FIFA’s ratings.



France shares the top football team spot currently with Belgium. It is one of the best and the most influential teams of all time too and it is a fan favourite all over the world, even those who don’t qualify for the World Cup. France has won 2 World Cups and this is a great achievement for them considering all the others were won by Brazil. Beating Brazil is an achievement to be proud of. Zinedine Zidane, Antoine Griezmann and Didier Deschamps are the greatest football players to have emerged from France, and they ensure that the team is currently one of the best in the world.


France is not just a great football team, but it also has an envious track record throughout the story of world football. It has also seen the services of some of the best football coaches.



This team has not yet won the World Cup but it is one which is constantly reinventing itself to be the best. It has emerged as the 2nd best and the 3rd best in World Cups and that is something to be proud of. They played phenomenally well in the last World Cup, and they continue to be at the very best of their form. Some of the best players in the team are  Luka Modrić, Ivan Rakitić and Mario Mandžukić.



England has won the World Cup just once in the year 1966, but they are one of the best teams currently. They have a number of great players in the team currently and it may seem that they haven’t been enjoying a great track record for the past few years, but that does not take away from the fact that they are really good on the field.

David Beckham is the most popular player of the English football team and apart from him, Wayne Rooney, Jamie Carrageen and Jamie Vardy are some of the greats to have come out of the team.

Finding sure win football teams in the world for betting purposes means taking all the above teams very seriously. Place a wager on any of these sure win teams, and you are very likely to win it.

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