The Asian handicap football betting market: Explained


Football has been the world’s most followed sport for quite some time and thus it is no wonder that bets placed on football matches amount to billions of dollars every year. If football betting interests you and you have been interested in knowing niche markets to bet on, then the Asian handicap market can be just the thing you are looking for. Asian bookies handicap odds will let you place wagers in a market that is more lucrative than the traditional ones you may have been betting in.


All about Asian handicap betting

Asian bookies handicap odds may seem confusing and very complex for bettors who have just been introduced to it, but with the number of proponents betting on it increasing, it can be said with certainty that it becomes easier with practice. It is important to understand that Asian bookies handicap odds is different from what you are used to and as such it can take some time to get used to it.

In soccer, it is easy to perceive one team is better than the other. This can happen in every game that is being played: you usually know which team is more likely to win. The difference between the two teams can be based on many factors such as:

  • Form
  • Historical performance
  • Home field advantage
  • Financial strength
  • Availability of top players (injuries and suspensions are taken into account)

Bookmakers look at these differentials and they are able to find out exactly which team has the higher chance of winning a game. The ‘implied probability’ is what determines the probability of success of a soccer team.


The implied probability of the two teams may be too much, which can mean that there will not be a lot of value if a bettor bets on the favourites. It will also mean that standard 1×2 markets will also offer very little returns. That is where Asian bookies handicap odds can be the right thing to wager on.

Asian handicap markets consider the implied probability of football teams and they level the playing field by adding or subtracting goals, which ensures that the odds are better for the bettor.

Understanding Asian bookies handicap odds will mean that you can wager your money on markets where the odds are better and thus the chances of your making more money are higher.


When two teams are at level: Level Asian handicap football betting

The Asian bookies handicap odds are level when both the teams are considered equal in their perceived abilities. That is when a level Asian handicap is what gets offered to bettors to place wagers on. Since there is no difference in perception of both the teams, both of them will start the game with the same 0 goals. What you will be betting on is essentially the winning side of the game.

Even the level Asian handicap bet is different from the traditional football bets that are usually placed because the Draw has been removed. So what happens is that when the game ends up in a draw, your stake is returned to you.


When big perceived difference between two teams: Single Asian handicap football betting

This is the kind of betting that is perfect for times when a game is being played between two teams who have a big perceived difference in ability.

The team that is supposed to be the better one will be given a goal handicap by the Asian bookies handicap odds in order to eliminate the difference between the two teams for the purposes of betting for instance, Asian bookies handicap odds may set it at a gal handicap of -0.5, -1, -1.5, -2 goals. This levels the playing field between the two teams and ensures that the odds are lucrative for the bettors who are betting.


Less difference in perceived ability between two teams; Split Asian handicap football betting

This is the bet that Asian handicap markets make available when the perceived difference between the two teams that are playing is slight.

You are allowed to split your wager over 2 handicaps on a team. For instance, the favoured team that is slightly more likely to win than the other team, will start with two handicaps such as 0 & -0.5, -0.5 & -1, -1 & -1.5 goals.



The advantages of placing an Asian handicap football bet

There is no dearth of football betting markets and scenarios in the world. So why are Asian bookies handicap odds so popular? Well, they must be offering many advantages over other niche markets. Here are some of the advantages of placing wagers on the Asian bookies handicap odds.

  • More variety of bets: There is a huge variety of bets you can place using the Asian bookies handicap odds. Bets such as in-play betting, live betting, match specifics betting are just some of the different bets you have available in this market, apart from the more traditional bets you might be used to. This is a great opportunity because it can mean that you can diversify your finds and have more fun in the process.
  • Higher chance of winning: In traditional betting markets, you will lose if the team you are wagering on loses. But with the Asian bookies handicap odds, you can win even when the team you bet on loses. This is a great way of lowering your chances of losing your bet and making more money.
  • Many professional bettors are more interested in Asian bookies handicap odds than other markets for the simple reason that one can make more money here.
  • It is possible to make a sustainable income for the long run with Asian bookies handicap odds because with the draw removed from the equation, the betting margins get lower.

With Asian bookies handicap odds catching the imagination of football bettors the world over, you can expect this market to become more popular in the coming times.

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