Qualities That Every Top Soccer Prediction Website Should Have


Betting in soccer is one of the most common forms of gambling today. This is because, as a sport soccer is extremely popular and well-known. There is hardly anybody who does not know something about soccer. Another factor which makes soccer betting so interesting is the dynamics of the game of soccer. Played for 90 minutes, it is short, quick and unpredictable. It is probably its unpredictability which makes it so popular both as a sport and as a sports betting arena.

Betting in soccer refers to the staking of a sum of money on a team, a player or any of the other options that are associated with the game of soccer. In case the bettor is correct in his prediction, he stands to win a large sum of money. Else he has to forfeit that money. In order to ensure that bettors make correct predictions there are many authentic top soccer prediction sites that provide bettors with valuable tips in lieu of money.


Good prediction website qualities

A tip offered by these websites is said to be good only when it helps the punter win some money. Hence it is necessary for punters to look for good prediction sites. Some qualities which a good prediction website should invariably have are:

  • Multiple predictions: The availability of multiple predictions with these prediction sites increases their versatility and hence their utility. For a game of soccer, the predictions available should include:
    • Halftime and full time predictions,
    • Total number of goals expected to be scored,
    • Predictions involving over 1.5 goals,
    • Players that are set to score,
    • Predictions regarding players who will be awarded red or yellow cards during the game,
    • The handicap etc.

Thus, when punters engage with top soccer prediction sites, they get valuable tips regarding every aspect of an ongoing game and hence their chances of winning increase.

  • Accuracy of predictions: This is perhaps the most important fact that a punter needs to look into when choosing a good prediction website. Since this has s direct bearing on the chances of a punter winning, the website should only give out tips and predictions after:
    • Conducting a thorough research on the statistics of the team,
    • Correctly analysing all the statistics and data researched and
    • Applying the inferences to the current game and then coming up with predictions.


Soccer is unparalled in its popularity and hence every other person is aware of its minutest details. Thus any website which claims to make accurate predictions and does not can easily be spotted by the punter by doing just a little bit of research. With all data available with every gaming website, getting the predictions obtained from top soccer prediction sites corroborated with this information is quite easy enough.

  • Free services: While most soccer prediction websites require payment in the form of money before they divulge any information, the authentic and top rated websites provide free services for at least the first few times. This helps the punters understand the effectiveness of the predictions made and they can then remain associated with these prediction websites by opening an account with them. But websites which either require:
    • Payment from the first prediction or
    • Make it mandatory for the punters to opt for monthly or annual subscriptions or
    • Even ask for some form of additional payments can never be one of the top soccer prediction sites and should be avoided at all costs.


  • Attractive design: Today everything on the internet is related to marketing and hence a good packaging of the prediction websites too becomes mandatory. It is a known fact that a prediction website with an attractive design and layout does attract more punters. Thus a soccer prediction website should:
    • Have an attractive and eye-catching layout,
    • Ensure easy navigability for the punters,
    • Have data available in an organised and grouped manner,
    • Ensure proper guidance by way of arrows and pointers so that the punter does not have to fumble with the payment options etc.


While the above are some of the main qualities that all top soccer prediction websites should have, the punters availing of their services should also get it corroborated by customer reviews available on the internet. Since reviews tend to be generally real experiences, they are a safe bet which helps to decide and select a good prediction website.

Even though association with a good prediction website is mandatory, it still does not guarantee a win if the punter happens to be a square and not a sharp. In order to understand the difference, the definition of the two is required. Thus a square punter is one who is an average and unsophisticated gambler whose skills of decision making are rather based on:

  • Hunches and intuitive emotional flashes,
  • Media manipulation,
  • Spurious systems associated with mediocre predictions etc.

It would not be wrong to say that bookmakers love to have squares participating in betting since they invariably tend to lose money while the bookies benefit from it.

On the other hand the sharp punter is one who has the ability to overcome the mathematical calculations of the brokers and beat them at their own game. They know the importance of:

  • Statistics and data analysis,
  • Associating with the top soccer prediction sites,
  • Having a plan in place,
  • Placing bets only after making cold calculations and
  • Never letting the heart rule the head.

These sharps eventually become members of betting syndicates and become privy to the most updated information regarding the various aspects of the game and also those aspects which have any influence on a game of soccer like the:

  • Weather report,
  • Injuries plaguing the teams,
  • Game plans of the participating teams,
  • Home advantage,
  • Player’s statistics etc.

They are thus like powerful computers who not only get the best predictions available with the top soccer prediction sites but also compare and corroborate these predictions with sensitive data available with them. This ensures that they place intelligent bets which are sure to make them win big.

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