Prediction Mix Parlay Today

Parlay betting today is just about the most popular form of sports betting. When betting with parlays, bettors are able to bet that 2 point spreads, money lines or over/unders will win, which will in the end earn a bigger payout if and when all of the picks win, than if they had betted on each of them individually. It is all based on prediction mixed parlay today to get the best betting results.

Big returns from parlays

Bettors normally enjoy parlays because of their bigger potential returns. Average odds at the majority of sports books for parlay betting are +260 for a 2-team parlay and +600 for a 3-team parlay. EG, if you place a straight bet of $55 to win up to $50 on Miami at -2.0 -110, as well as $55 in order to win at least $50 on Seattle at +4.0, and in the end both win, your profit will amount to $100. However, if you decide instead to place $100 on a 2-team parlay at Miami at -2.0 and Seattle at +4.0 and both win, you would make $260 in profit at what’s called the standard +260 price.

Prediction Mix Parlay Today2

Sports books particularly love parlays as they exert pressure on bettors to be absolutely perfect. Taking the above example, if the bettor had gone 1-1 instead of going 2-0, with é straight bets s/he would have lost just $5; but due to the parlay s/he lost $100. A 3-team parlay makes the bettor go 3-0; even a profitable 2-1 is a losing bet.

It is difficult to win with a straight bet, so despite of the increase in payouts, a parlay usually isn’t worthy of taking the risk in the long term. But a good time to use a parlay is at a time you can see semi-correlation.

A correlated parlay

A truly correlated parlay will not be accepted by any sports books. A correlated parlay is the attempt to parlay 2 events that correlate directly, like picking a team to win the 1st half of a match and the complete game. You can, if you wish, bet on a team’s score and the in the same match the over/under.

So if Indianapolis is -7.0 playing against Houston (+7.0). You particularly like Houston, but you know they are not able to keep up Indianapolis’s offense. If in your estimation they cover, it will have to be in a lower-scoring game. In this type of situation, it is commonsense to parlay Houston at +7.0 and the under. These events are seen as semi-correlated as you expect Houston to be able to cover just with a strong defensive in the game.

Mix parlay is a type of high-risk betting which involves the linking together of different bets. The bets that are selected can be from within the same match or event but the result of 1 match should not impact on any others. It’s considered a high-risk bet as when the result is declared it is based on the result combining all matches connected together in a single bet. If the prediction mix parlay today wins, then the bettor gains.

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