How to use fixtures for preparing for football betting to earn more bucks


Intuition alone may make betting riskier. A lot of studying and research should be coupled with the intuition to ensure maximum wins in the football betting. The more informed you are, the better decisions can you make. Some punters regularly read about the weekend soccer fixtures in England to know about the betting opportunities awaiting them. The fixtures give a direction to the research as it gives a lot of information to the punters by offering support for following activities:

Data analysis

By looking at the weekend soccer fixtures of England region, the punters can know which teams’ data to be searched for and analyzed. The data analysis is very important part of preparing for the football betting. Using the information from weekend soccer fixtures in England announcements, the tipsters can search for the answers for the following questions:

  • Goals scored by the teams
  • Points scored and points allowed
  • Yards gained and allowed of the teams
  • Sacks per game
  • Interceptions made
  • Tackles made and so on.

The research involving these statistics help in knowing how the teams play, means whether they are offensive in their play or are strong on defense game. The points mentioned above help in finding how the match scores will turn out in the first and second halves. A variety of odds like clean score board, points in first half, points in second half, match draw win or lose, can be determined by doing research on the teams’ nature of game. Thus, weekend soccer fixtures in England help in a way to organize the research and pay attention to crucial points.

To make more in-depth percentage, the research may include finding certain performance figures in percentages. For example, pass yards per attempt, turnover differential, negative pass percentage, team yards per carry are more defined details about any team that help in finding how strong or weak it is. The related decisions like match win or match loss, etc. can be derived from these data.


Performance analysis

Performance analysis is nothing but knowing the teams better. While the statistics show the quantum of figures, the detailed performance analysis helps in finding what aspects of the team contributed to that win or loss. So, when you get hold of weekend soccer fixtures in England, you are most likely to come across a variety of reviews on sports channels. The information provided in these channels is sometimes very useful in preparing for the weekend betting. The reviews prepared from the betting point of view  and the experts opinions allow you making more cognitive decisions regarding weekend betting. In detailed performance analysis, one can work on the pointers such as:

  • The style of the play followed by teams
  • The most important players of contending teams
  • The progression or regression of team during the season
  • Level of consistency of teams and players
  • Kind of approach followed – fully aggressive, fully defensive or balanced
  • Whether players injured or suspended
  • The performance vs the expectation from preseason action

The weekend soccer fixtures in England chart opens the gateway of research for punters as well as tipsters. When they come to know about the matches to be played in advance, they get a lot of time to carry research in more detailed manner.

Situational analysis

After knowing the past performance and the kind of play displayed on field, the research must be shifted to external conditions that affect teams’ performance. So, when you go through weekend soccer fixtures in England, you come to know which team is playing in home city, who is the visiting team, a very crucial information that leads to points of research such as:

  • How travelling affected the performance of teams in the past
  • Performance on home ground vs other ground
  • The effect of injuries or suspension on team performance
  • Effect of changing and adverse weather conditions
  • Performance under pressure
  • Comebacks whether made after losses
  • Level of motivation
  • Reasons making win more essential for any team

The past meetings of the teams contending at weekends suggest how badly they want to face each other. The team trying to settle score is likely to play more aggressively and can show character in the game. The location is also provided in weekend soccer fixtures in England announcements, thus, the answers related to weather conditions, travelling, etc. help in making sound quality predictions.


Detailed statistical analysis

This helps in dissecting the performance of the teams to more finer levels. The statistical analysis of detailed nature of the teams appearing in weekend soccer fixtures in England help in finding how the teams are ranked on the basis of:

  • Pass yards per attempt
  • Games won
  • Points per game
  • Sacks faced per game

These figures take the researcher deeper into the temperament of the teams. The games won records show how confident the team is. Points per game helps in finding the fair play spirit of the teams facing each other in weekend soccer fixtures in England. The bitter the rivalries are, closer the ranks of the contending teams are. Thus, when you get the information about the fixtures, you can paint a picture of the mood likely to be on the ground and prepare the betting points accordingly.

Review your own betting game

Lastly, you need to find out the performance of the bets placed by you. Being on which team’s side gave you the best outcomes, for example, can help you find the level of risk in any bet. Some other points of research for reviewing the betting game are:

  • Type of wager lost or won consistently
  • Mistakes obvious but made repeatedly
  • Exceptionally profitable wagers
  • Most effective and least effective betting strategies
  • Teams you underrated consistently
  • Success or failure of any trend followed
  • Most useful or least useful statistics

Taking a look at the fixtures, thus, helps on various grounds while preparing for football betting. It narrows down the scope of research so that you can carry out detailed research without missing any crucial or common point. Learn about the analytical tools too to bring quality to your preparations.

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