How To Strategise Football Betting For Bigger Wins?


Football is a very popular sport and enjoys a vast viewership across the globe. This action packed game also attracts more than its fair share of gambling be it online or offline. In fact it is not just the winner of the match that is bet on; there are many other kinds of actions which act as reasons for placing a bet like the first goal scorer, the half-time results, the goal difference etc. This football betting has given rise to a whole industry with bookmakers setting the odds, tipsters coming up with tuesday football tips and punters actually capitalising on it by placing informed bets.


The question is not whether one is able to win a bet but rather finding out to what extent a punter is able to stretch himself before he needs to call it a day. This gives rise to another question of finding out how to strategise bets so that they actually earn good dividends. In order to answer the questions, it is important for the punter to learn certain basic strategies which will form his fundamentals for football betting using tuesday football tips he receives from tipster websites. These strategies include the following:

  • Chasing loses with bigger bets is a complete no: There is a general tendency that punters need to bet more to recover the losses made. But that never happens in football betting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is just a mirage. Punters need to understand this and make a budget and stick to it. Even though this strategy sounds very drab and lame it might be the only things which keeps a punter from going bankrupt and ensures that he is able to make long-term profits using the tuesday football tips available with him. As a rule, it is said that only about 1 to 5% of the punter’s bankroll for the whole season needs to be put in an individual bet. Most successful punters say that scared money has a tendency to make a punter lose and this has been statistically proven over the years.


  • Determining odds is just not about one’s prowess: Football is a great leveller and this is apparent on the field when favourites with all their strong line-up and strategies loose to lesser known teams. Such instances are generally known as underdogs turning the tables. This is also true for online football betting. A punter might strategise, he might get the best available tuesday football tips from punters, he might have inside information, and he might have analysed and gone through all statistical data available for a match, yet these do not guarantee a win when he places a bet. Such mundane things like field advantage, weather conditions etc., might play the spoilsport and result in the punter losing the bet.


  • Setting aside a bankroll: This helps keep a check on a punter’s ability to place bets for the entire season. Thus the punter is aware of his financial limitations and refrains from taking unwarranted risks. It is usually said that in betting a punter should only place bets with the money won. The presence of a bankroll further augments this statement and keeps punters within their limits. As mentioned earlier in the article, even if gut instinct corroborates the tuesday football tips as received from the tipsters, the punter should still not bet more than 5% on a bet, irrespective of the number of bets he places.


  • Betting against public: Bookmakers make money because most punters place losing bets. This fact can also be corroborated statistically thereby making it clear to the punter that bets when placed against the general public has a higher chance of getting converted into that coveted pot of gold. But even if a punter is armed with the best tuesday football tips, he should take care to be extra careful with this strategy because bookies are extremely efficient at setting odds. Thus, blindly employing this strategy across all kinds of football bets can again be a recipe for disaster. Choosing home underdogs, however, is a good policy especially when they are not the crowd favourite. This is because there are times when skill is overcome by motivation which might result in surprise wins by the underdogs and a big win for the punter who makes use of the tuesday football tips available with him.


  • Betting is not mandatory for enjoying football: Most punters think that the more games they bet on, the better chances they have at winning. But this is not true for it might so happen that a match taking place might be between teams about whom the punter is unaware. He might also not have the relevant statistics at his fingertips and also might not have followed any games either between the two of each team individually with other teams. Thus, in such instances, it is better to enjoy the game for what it is and leave gambling with the sport and tuesday football tips, if any, aside for some time. Following this strategy ensures that the punter loses relatively lesser amounts of money and he is able to save some extra cash for placing additional bets in other upcoming football matches scheduled.


  • Type of bet placed: The type of bet placed is also a clear decider on whether the tuesday football tips available with the punter, will be able to win money for him. In fact there are certain bets wherein there are no likely losers. The winning amount might be less but the punter is able to either make a small profit or neither makes a profit or a loss. Such bets are extremely useful to beginners and novices for whom they act as sources of motivation.

Clear-headed, logical decisions always pay in real life. It is the same for online football betting wherein bets should always be placed based on logical thinking and statistical analysis and reasoning. Such bets have a higher potential to earn money for the concerned punter who can follow-up with the same strategies for the whole season or ensure that they are able to make good use of the tuesday football tips made available to them for re-inventing new strategies.

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