How To Predict Soccer Bet Everyday?


Making accurate soccer predictions can be a daunting task. As simple and thrilling as soccer may be to watch, when it comes to betting there is so much to it that you can get overwhelmed with making the choice of the right league and teams, soccer betting markets, and events. So how do you predict soccer matches accurately and win on a consistent basis. The following tips should help you in this regard.

1. Choose Readily Predictable Soccer Matches

Many leagues are hard to predict and it can be difficult to win consistently and make profits on them. Different leagues have different characteristics in terms of their predictability. So consider the following points when looking for the right leagues to bet on:

  • High Home-Win Record: If you want to bet on leagues with excellent home-win records, you may have to focus on lower-tier levels in more obscure leagues. For example, the Nigerian Professional Football League has the highest home win ratio of almost 75%. Then there is the Bosnia-Herzegovina First Division with around 58% home-win record. The Czech Republic First Division has an almost 54% record.


  • Betting on Favorites: If you are seeking accurate soccer predictions for bets on the favorites, the Scottish Premier League should be your first choice. The favorites win the matches over 44% of the time. Some of the other leagues with high favorites’ win records include German Oberliga Bremen, Cyprus 1 Division, and German Bundesliga.


  • High Draw Record: If you want to bet the draw outcome of a match and win consistently, you should consider the Spanish Segunda B Group 3 division. This league has a draw record of over 38% with excellent odds. The next is the France National and then the South African Premier Soccer League.
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  • Over 3.5 Goals: When it comes to placing bets on matches with over 3.5 goals and winning consistently, you can find the most accurate soccer predictions in the German Oberliga Breman division. Over 66% of these matches will end with over 3 goals. Then there is the Scottish Highland League with a record of over 62%. If you want to bet on a higher-tier professional league, the Dutch Eerste Divisie offers the best over 3.5 goals record at over 43%.

2. Increase Your League Knowledge

If you want to make accurate soccer predictions, it is important to increase your knowledge of the league and teams you intend to bet on. This includes following the teams or league closely. This also includes knowing how a team has fared in its past 6 matches.

In fact, it requires much more than knowing that a side won or lost the match in its last 6 games. You should also know how closely they won or lost and whether they played offensively or defensively. You should also know whether they kept possession, made mistakes, or were just lucky.

Following a team or teams also means tracking their news.

  • You should know if there are key player injuries or suspensions
  • There may be certain disputes between a key player and the coach
  • Recent player transfers

3. Understand the Betting Markets

Even when you rely on accurate soccer predictions from experienced tipsters, it makes all the sense to choose betting markets that you understand. It may seem to be lucrative to choose more obscure markets. But it is never a wise decision to choose them.

So whether you are betting on Half-Time/Full-Time or Win Both Halves market, you should have a thorough understanding of both. Both the soccer betting markets sound similar, but have subtle yet important differences.

4. Keep Emotions Out of Soccer Betting

As already mentioned, it is recommended to bet on leagues and teams you follow and know about. This can also mean that these could be your favorite teams. This is where the difficult part comes. You cannot bet on a team just because you like them. emotions should not have any role to play in soccer betting.

When you allow emotions to get into soccer betting, you will be in a situation where you want your team to win. This means that you will also convince yourself of the desired outcome.

Soccer is an unpredictable sport and even the strongest team, a favorite, is likely to lose. So if you want to make accurate soccer predictions, you should base your decisions on facts and figures and on as much relevant information as possible.


5. Do Your Own Research

You can also do your own research to make accurate soccer predictions.

  • Do some calculations related to the match you want to bet on
  • Consider information like player suspensions, injuries or absences, changes in player roster or coaches, past results, or any other information
  • Avoid betting based on guesswork or instinct

As already mentioned, it pays to follow leagues and teams to have knowledge that may not be accessible to other

6. Bet on Fewer Selections

Things can often seem to be too tempting, encouraging you to wager on combination bets. Such bets can offer high odds and payouts. However, if you want to make accurate soccer predictions, it is best to rely on fewer selections. It will mean increased chances of winning your bet.

If you are serious about making money, you should think of fewer selections. For example, you should be restricted to a single team or market. If it is an accumulator bet, you should not include more than 3 or 4 selections in it.

There are many more tips that should help you make accurate soccer predictions. Some of these points are as follows:

  • If you notice any rapid odds movements, look for the reasons that may have caused it.
  • Maintain an archive of your results, odds, stakes, and profits or losses to become a better soccer punter
  • Consider betting on more obscure markets that offer perfect combination of odds and returns
  • Learn to pick the right moment for betting

So consider all these tips if you want to learn how to make accurate soccer predictions and win everyday. You should focus on winning on a consistent basis and making profits in the long term, instead of pursuing short-term profits.

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