How to Predict Scores Accurately Every Time?


There are many factors which need to be considered for accurately predicting the possible scores of soccer matches. As any user of a correct score prediction site would tell you, there is a lot of analytics that goes behind the scene. It is by no means a simple lucky guess, as some might claim.

With enough practice and patience, one can train oneself to predict scores accurately. Score prediction is useful if you are looking to make some quick big money or to start off with, simply to show off your clairvoyant skills to your mates.


Factors Which Influence Scores in a Match as Found from Previous Data

While predicting scores for a specific match between, say, team A and team B, data from previous matches held between team A and team B is of essential importance. Listed below are some of the parameters which need to be carefully looked at if you want your prediction to match the most correct score prediction on site:

#1. Statistics of Wins VS Losses

A clear picture of the number of matches won vs the number of matches lost in ten preceding matches can give an insight into which team is more likely to come off stronger in a match. Unless there have been huge changes in the team makeup or strategical changes, the results in the last ten matches can well predict the outcome of an upcoming match.


#2. Ball Possession Percentage

Every correct score prediction on a site is made taking into account the statistics of ball possession percentage in at least the last ten matches played between the relevant teams. That is because, the higher the percentage of possession the greater are the chances of scoring by a team. While isolated, this factor does not offer 100% insight, however, when considered in combination with some other crucial factors like most preferred goal scoring positions, key players, home vs away match stats etc., statistics reflecting ball possession is a very important parameter for correct prediction.




#3. Performance in Home VS Away Matches

In general, teams perform much better on their home grounds as opposed to when they are playing away matches. In fact, UEFA acknowledges this very fact by giving ‘away goal advantage’ during Champions League matches. Analyze how well the teams perform in both away and home matches and you can get a better idea of how many goals are likely to be scored under similar situations.


#4.  Shots on Target

Behind the scene of every trustworthy correct score prediction site works master statisticians who analyze key parameters before coming up with score predictions. One of those parameters are the statistics which show shots on target taken by both teams in previous face-offs. Such data not only helps to come up with scoring probabilities, but also about provides insight into how good the finishing skills in a team is, the role of the goalkeeper, how the teams perform defensively under pressure, etc.


#5. Goal Differential

Perhaps the most important piece of data to look at for score predictions is the data on goal differential. Goal differential of a team shows the difference between goals scored and goals conceded. Final score prediction is the most difficult thing to get right, as you may find that only the very experts can get correct score prediction on a site jotted down. Goal differential data holds the highest priority while coming up with score predictions, especially in matches which hold the promise of a number of goals.


Some More Key Factors that Influence Correct Score Prediction

While statistics from previously played matches are invaluable to any correct score prediction site, there are some other essential factors which matter when it comes to real time goals scored as well as influences predictions of goals likely to be scored. Some of them are:


  • Key Players: The role of key players in every team is of course, of key importance. While predicting scores or wins, the number of key players in a team is inspected. Not every player presents a hundred percent on every game day, so the team with a greater number of key players always has a higher chance of winning. It is also important to see whether the key players are more on the defensive role or an attacking role to come up with possible scores.


  • Line-Up Announced: There may be last minute changes that come up in the line ups of the teams to play a certain match. Every correct score prediction site makes it mandatory to keep updated to the last second so as to understand which way the wind may blow.



  • Injuries: Relying on previous statistics without considering recent injuries that a team may have sustained can be a recipe for disaster. Players who have recently recovered and returned from injuries to be part of the line-up need to be considered since they cannot be expected to perform at par with their pre-injury standards. Injuries may also result in key changes in the line-up which can make a world of difference when it comes to the number of goals scored and the number of goals conceded.


  • Substitutions: For a correct score prediction on site, experts also have to look carefully at the bench. Substitutions can make or break a game, as all soccer fans will tell you. The quality of a substitute player along with well-timed substitution on part of the manager have won many a game.


  • Home/Away Match: As discussed briefly before, whether the match played for the team you want to bet on is at home ground or away is very important to the final score.


  • Match Schedule: The most correct score prediction site will always consider the number of fixtures a team is playing in a week. Too many games at hand can result in tired players, especially if player rotation is not done. If key goal scorers in a team are tired out, it is more likely that the number of goals scored will be low.

The patience for trial and error, a good sense of analytics and match reading are keys to becoming good at predicting soccer scores. The alternative to learning how to predict scores is to rely on a trusted correct score prediction site where you can access live match predictions and more for making the best bets.

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