How To Make The Best Soccer Handicap Prediction?


In order to be able to make the best soccer handicap prediction it is important to understand the basics of handicap soccer. As the name suggests, in this type of soccer, one team enters the game with a handicap or a disadvantage. Alternately it can also be said that its opponent starts off the game with an advantage thereby making it easier to win the match if the team is only able to hold on to the advantage.

A handicap bet is one wherein punters place the bet on the team with the handicap. Generally additional goals are awarded to the weaker team while the stronger soccer team starts with negative goals. In order for the team with the handicap to win the match, it needs to overcome the disadvantage first and then score goals. Thus there is always a chance that if the opponent with the advantage plays well, the game might end in a draw or might also result in a win by the weaker team. This unpredictability makes it even more important that punters align themselves with tipsters who make the best soccer handicap prediction so that they are able to win big. This system of giving a team a handicap is done so that the game of soccer retains its excitement and does not become a one-sided game.


In order to be able to make a good handicap soccer prediction, it is very important for the punters to:

  • Find good bookmakers: The basic aim of every punter is to make the best soccer handicap prediction and utilise it to win big. In order for this to be successful, he has to find a good bookmaker who offers the best value where a bet is concerned. Thus the punter needs to look around a bit, conduct a little research and then register himself with a bookmaker. In fact researching and finding a handicap bet with a potential to earn a huge margin for the punter is only one half of the battle. The other half includes researching around to find the best odds and deals that are being offered by the bookmakers. Once the two match, it creates a win-win situation for the punters concerned as the chances of winning big only increase in these instances.


  • Choosing the heavy favourites: In a game of handicap soccer, choosing the team which is the heavy favourite is always the best soccer handicap prediction that can be made. This is a somewhat sure-fire way to earn a profit since handicap bets are a bit biased where favourites are concerned. It is also a fact that handicap betting odds always look and feel better when particularly heavy favourites are backed.


  • Researching the tipsters: While aligning with tipsters make it easy for a punter to win, care must be taken to ensure that the tipster chosen is one which has the resource and the ability to make good soccer predictions. However, with numerous tipsters proclaiming to ensure winning bets available online, punter might find it a bit difficult to choose one who actually has the ability to make the best soccer handicap prediction. Thus it is very important to research well and then choose tipsters on the basis of:
    • Their past success rate,
    • The amount of research they put into making betting predictions,
    • The authenticity of their data source,
    • Their knowledge of the game and
    • The level of interaction that they have with the punters.


  • Checking the team antecedents: The immediate past history of the participating teams needs to be researched really well. Some areas which need to be scrutinised minutely for making the best soccer handicap prediction are:
    • The current forms of the teams,
    • The history of clashes between the two teams,
    • Background and performance of the players participating,
    • Any social events which have had an impact on the teams,
    • Any changes in the teams concerned,
    • Strategies that are likely to be adopted and their effectiveness in previous games also help make the best soccer handicap prediction



All of these have an impact on the performance of the team and statistics related to the same are quite easily available both with bookmakers, tipsters and other online soccer betting websites. Thus it is only after analysing the above points that the punter will be able to come to a decision and make the best soccer handicap prediction possible. This, however, needs to be cross-checked with the predictions made by the tipsters and only then can the punter come to a decision regarding the placement of a handicap bet.

  • Finding the margin: This is yet another very important point that needs consideration and deliberation. This is because handicap betting is mostly dependent on the winning or losing margins. This margin refers to the number of goals by which a team wins or loses. Theoretically speaking punters should back only those teams which have a well-planned attack in place. Betting on teams with a defensive strategy does not usually make for sensible handicap soccer predictions. But practically finding such a team in today‚Äôs scenario is quite difficult and hence in order to determine the likely strategy that a team is slated to adopt, it is important to look the goal margins by which they have either won or lost matches individually. This helps enormously when one has to make the best soccer handicap prediction.


With the above points taken care of, most punters find that dealing with handicap bets is definitely not as complicated as most punters think. A good knowledge of handicap soccer, a bit of strategic statistical crunching coupled with the best soccer handicap prediction available ensures not only a win but a win by a large margin. The whole point of doing some of the research in an effort to reassure and cross-check the predicted results and then following it up with gut instinct is to make the game even more enjoyable and fun to be a part of. Winnings on the other hand add an extra dimension; something which no punter is actually able to deny.


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