How To Make Money From Placing Stakes At Sure Bets?


Almost all tipsters offer something known as sure win predictions. Those who are aware of what a sure win is, generally tend to avail the same at the first instant available. The reason for the same is that these bets ensure a win irrespective of the outcome. While many may think that such a possibility is an impossible affair in soccer betting, sure bets are indeed the best way to place a wager in soccer betting especially if one is not too keen on losing out and they are based on sure win tips.

Sure bets—definition and working

In order to take advantage of the sure win tips offered by tipster websites, punters need to have a thorough understanding of what a sure bet is and how it works. An understanding of the betting strategy that one thinks of using is mandatory because it defines the bettor’s outlook for taking risks. In instances of placing risky wagers, there are few who dare to place huge amounts of money on such bets. There are others who only opt for risky bets since the returns are very high. For people who dabble in sure bets, it is a case of safe play because they know that partnering with a good tipster website will ensure that they get good sure win predictions which will help them make money out of the same.

The name sure bets is very appropriate for this type of betting since this betting strategy mainly focuses on the varying variable betting odds decided upon by different bookmakers. Since these varying odds pertain to the same bet, it becomes possible for the punters to place safe bets which carry no risk and benefit from the variation in the odds. In general the goal of every better is to earn an amount which exceeds the amount placed and with sure win tips and quick action on the part of the punter, this goal can be achieved.

However, the yield of a sure bet is relatively much lower than other bets but patience ensures cumulative wins which tend to be considerable higher. But care should also be taken while placing sure bets since today bookmakers have also wizened up to the sure win strategy adopted by punters and thus might have sanctions and regulations in place to prevent the same. However, quick action and sure win predictions help overcome the same to some extent.

There are some unique terms associated with sure bets which are commonly used like:

  • Profitability of a sure bet: The term profitability of a sure bet is used to depict the income a punter makes from cashing in on the opportunity offered by sure bets wherein income is guaranteed irrespective of the outcomes.
  • Sure bet leverage: This term is used to refer to the fact that betting in a sure bet is done on all possible outcomes and not on a single outcome. Based on the sure win tips that a punter gets he is able to bet on:
    • 2 possible outcomes or 2 leverages,
    • 3 possible outcomes or 3 leverages,
    • 4 or more possible outcomes or multi way leverages.

The 2 leverage sure bet is the most popular since its calculation is pretty easy and 2 leverage sure win predictions can also be easily obtained.

Calculating a sure bet

There are two different set of calculations that need to be done in two different parts. In the first case the sure bet needs to be detected and in the 2nd case the betting amounts need to be calculated.

  • Detecting the sure bet: There is a simple formula used by tipsters to detect instances or chances of a sure bet. This formula used is: C = 1/Coef1+1/Coef2+1/Coef3+…….+1/CoefN where

N stands for the total number of outcomes,

Coef1, Coef2 etc., refer to the co-efficients denoting individual outcomes of a sure bet placed on the basis of sure win predictions.


It should be noted here that only in instances where C results in a number which is less than 1, the existence of a sure bet is proved.

The probability of a sure bet as calculated by tipsters giving out sure win tips is done using the formula W = 100%/C – 100%

  • Calculating the betting amount at leverages: In sure bets, the punter makes an income from betting on one leverage. Betting on the other leverage is facilitated to cover the amount stakes at the other. This enables punters to optimise their winnings from sure bets placed on the basis of sure win predictions from tipster websites. For example if one outcome has a very low co-efficient and it is very high for another then the punter is more likely to make a profit from the first leverage. The second leverage is generally for hedging wherein the punter stands to lose no money even if the first leverage loses.

In this case the calculation of the betting amount for second leverage is done using the formula: Bet2 = (Coef1*Bet1)/Coef2. Since this formula also stands for cases wherein the co-efficients are inversely proportional, a punter stands to win money irrespective of the outcome. Thus placing sure bets based on sure win tips definitely makes for a win-win situation for the punter.

Types of sure bets and their comparison

Sure bets can be of two types based on the time of their arrival. When sure bets are detected at the beginning of a soccer match, they are known as pre-match sure bets while ones which appear during the actual proceedings of a soccer match, they are known as live sure bets. There are certain distinctive advantages to live sure bets as compared to pre-match sure bets which the punter who places a live sure bet based on sure win predictions experiences. They are:

  • Instances of live sure bets are much more in number.
  • Live sure bets are definitely more profitable.
  • Punters opting for live sure bets find that the detection of live sure bets by bookmakers is much more difficult than pre-match sure bets.
  • Turning of funds take place faster in live sure bets.

Of course there are certain disadvantages to betting on live sure bets placed basis the sure win tips punters receive from tipsters. These pertain to the difference in betting rules of different bookmakers, the longevity of live sure bets being much less than pre-match bets etc.

It would not be wrong to say that sure bets definitely offer a good opportunity for punters to make a profit in betting provided they are based on good sure win predictions from tipsters.

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