How To Make Expert Predictions For The Premier League?


The Premier League is one the topmost football championships taking place in Europe. It has 20 English football teams playing each other in home and away matches every season with the viewers, bettors, tipsters and bookies heavily involved in making premier league predictions. The end of the league sees the top 4 ranked teams qualifying for the Championship League while teams ranked 5th and 6th qualify for the Europa League along with the winners of the FA Cup. Three teams which come last are demoted to play in English Football Championship.

The Premier League is thus a favourite among fans and bettors alike and the premier league predictions are in high demand among punters. With teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City etc., participating this English Premier League is a much anticipated event the world over. With an average of 2.8 goals scored in each game last season, this league has the distinction of being one of the most prolific football tournaments taking place annually.

Making premier league predictions is thus quite an interesting affair with statistics marking a 53.6% success rate for the +2.5 goals. BTTS or bets placed on both teams to score also enjoyed a high level of success last season and with the success trends for both these types of bets continuing into 2019, bookmakers are offering quite high odds online. The same also happens to be true for the exact score bets placed.



Predicting Premier League Match bets

Betting in the Premier League has its own set of tips and rules which are exclusive and quite interesting. Thus in order to be able to successfully utilise the premier league predictions given out by experienced and successful tipsters, punters need to:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the forms of the key players participating in a match as well as the form of the team as a whole,
  • Judge the stakes appropriately and accurately as this will prove to be a crucial point for betting success in a Premier League match,
  • Compare the odds sets by bookmakers thoroughly before deciding to place bets on their favourite teams.

It has been seen that the tensions which surround a game is most felt by the people involved in its future and hence the stakes of the meet often act as a determinant in the match outcome. Therefore before taking advantage of the premier league predictions and placing bets, punters need to check out the team standings in the previous as well as the current seasons.

The choice of the bookmaker also has a role to play in determining the odds. The punter thus needs to visit various bookmaker websites, compare the odds and then choose one which will give him the best return on his investment.


Making predictions from the Premier League team table

Other than the obvious bets associated with a football match, the Premier League also allows punters to place bets on the final table positions of the players. In fact this makes for an exciting and nail-biting outright online betting market which enables punters to make long-term winnings on bets placed by making premier league predictions on:

  • The would-be Premier League champions,
  • Teams who will score the top 4 slots,
  • Teams who will occupy the last 3 spots etc.

The odds are generally so high for these long term bets that punters stand a chance to make a really big win if their predictions turn out to be true. In order to ensure that the predictions made hit the bull’s eye, a punter needs to:

  • Understand the motivation of the teams participating in the League,
  • Analyse the upcoming season fixture schedule,
  • Take a good look at the clubs present in the transfer market for the summer season,
  • Make a statistical analysis of the immediate past performances of the teams, the quality of substitutes prepared, the psyche of the players etc.

It is only after a punter is able to successfully understand all the factors associated with placing outright bets, that he stands a chance to make premier league predictions for the final Premier League table.


Some betting tips

Football betting has always been a very interesting field and the top goal scorer betting option is quite a popular bet undertaken by punters. This is also true for the Premier League which boasts of having the top goal scorers playing in the tournament. This bet thus acquires additional importance in this league and also has the potential to bring in noteworthy gains for the punters opting for it.


Betting in the Premier League matches are generally divided into two parts and the premier league predictions are also made based on the same. This division includes:

  • Betting tips catering to the important betting markets like the BTTS, full-time results, Over/Under goals etc. and
  • The correct score predictions made individually for every Premier League match that is played.

Premier League accumulator bets can be placed for a whole week in one go. This makes them even more interesting and nail-biting thereby giving the punters some nerve-racking moments throughout the week. However, again the rewards are high enough to justify the risks associated with the same.

Punters also need to understand that for the Premier league it is not enough to depend on punters for providing premier league predictions. They should also try to:

  • Understand the reasons the tipsters are making the said predictions,
  • Make their own form analysis,
  • Go through all the team news for a year,
  • Understand the implications of the predicted line-ups,
  • Have updated and in-depth statistical data of the participating teams,
  • Perform a comparative study with the head-to-head data and information available for teams participating in individual matches etc.

This will ensure that not only do the punters have the top premier league predictions; they are also able to cross-check them with the exhaustive data and statistics available with them personally. In fact punters associated seriously with placing Premier League bets rather enjoy this process of prediction analysis due to the high motivational levels and adrenaline rush that the Premier League matches inspire in them.


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