How To Beat The Bookies In Soccer Betting Today?


It is said that a poor bookmaker is impossible to find. While this is mostly true, it is also a fact that with the help of tipsters, it is possible for punters to beat bookies at their own game. Football prediction today wins have been seen to authenticate this possibility and a good combination of a great tipster and an intelligent punter is enough to make it plausible.

Punters, passionate about making it big in the football betting field, tend to be extremely committed to it. Thus researching about the scheduled games for today, analysing statistics, understanding the winning bets of the recent past etc., are certain soccer betting activities which they enjoy doing whenever they get time. Consequently, they are able to corroborate the predictions provided by the tipsters and then come up with their own theories so that they are able to ensure football prediction today wins.


Some betting strategies

Some strategies which again play a very important role in ensuring prediction wins and beating the bookies and which need to be kept in mind are:

  • A punter cannot afford to be thrifty about his time commitment to football betting,
  • He has to be mentally prepared to undertake high-risk strategies so as to gain bigger rewards,
  • There are no flawless tips for soccer betting and even the most committed and well-researched strategies might not produce the desired football prediction today wins,
  • Bookmakers feed off punter’s losses and if there was a free for all strategy to win in football betting, bookies would become bankrupt in no time,
  • Betting for the first time is the only time a punter should use his own money,
  • Subsequent bets need to be placed with the winnings of the previous bets,
  • Funding bets with savings results in frustration born out of a desperation to win and leads to further losses,
  • Online football betting is always preferable because of the huge number of betting options available and also ensures better chances of football prediction today wins.


Tips to beat the bookies

There is always a chance that a punter would beat the bookies and make impressive winnings and a 1% chance is enough to fight for it. In fact in the world of football betting, the lower the chance of a win, the better are the rewards in case of a win. Some tips which can be of great help to punters who want to beat the bookies are:


  • Knowledge of the sport: This is a simple trick but one which has the potential to reap rich rewards for all punters. For people interested in long-term profit making, doing the required homework regarding matches scheduled for the day help minimise risks by enabling punters place an informed bet. While football is a very popular sport worldwide and thus people tend to know quite a lot about it. But there are always certain aspects which become accessible to football nerds and help them understand the sport so well that they are able to anticipate the moves of the bookmakers. In fact such people generally concentrate on obscure markets which has a tendency of coming up with decent odds when least expected thereby enabling football prediction today wins.


  • Accumulators: This is considered to be the ideal trick which can effectively beat the bookmakers because it is possible for punters to earn good ROI on small stakes. However, the punter needs to be able to correctly predict quite a few outcomes on a single bet. Thus, if and when used in the proper way, accumulator bets do have the potency to enable punters beat bookies and earn big. But there are 2 very important points that punters need to keep in mind if they have to facilitate football prediction today wins. They are:
    • It is not necessary to build a super-sized accumulator even though it might seem as the best recipe to strike rich. This is because even if one of the bets making up the super-sized accumulator fails to deliver a win, then the whole accumulator bet goes for a toss. Hence super-sized accumulators are not a viable option for long-term profit making in football betting.
    • Accumulators should never be padded out with odds-on bets which are obvious as it reduces the chances of football prediction today wins.


  • Using the head and not the heart: While team preferences are good when associated with the game of football as a viewer, it never pays to have the same for punters. However, tempting it might be to back a preferred team, a punter should always use his rationale and bet on the more practical choice. Thus using the heart to make betting choices is a sure recipe for disaster where football betting is concerned. Informed choices made after analysing data and statistics ensure better football prediction today wins than those made on intuition.


  • Shopping around for bookmakers: Setting up an account with only one bookmaker does not always yield winning results. In fact a punter needs to open up accounts with multiple bookmakers so that he is able to take advantage of:
    • Start-up bonuses offered wherein bookies match the first deposit made by the punters
    • Free bets provided which cannot be converted into money and withdrawn but can help earn big amounts which can be further be used to earn better ROI by making more informed bets,
    • Special offers that are given to punter who have signed up with bookmakers but have not been using their accounts for some time,
    • Longer odds that are offered in comparison to other bookmakers so that the football prediction today wins made are able to earn more money for the punters.


There are a lot of things associated with football betting which might be beyond the knowledge of bookmakers. This lacunae in their knowledge needs to be exploited and taken advantage of in order to beat them at their own game. In fact even the bookmaker’s knowledge of a game schedule for today is as strong as the data that is available for the match. Hence a smart bettor is one who does his homework well so that he is able to get inkling in the workings of the bookmaker’s strategies and ensure big football prediction today wins.

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