How to Be Successful in Football Betting?

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Millions of pounds are spent every game season on playing bets on football by fans across the continent. The football betting market is legal and thriving and why not? With so many people successfully making profitable bets and earning good money, more and more newbies are being attracted to the betting markets. For instance, you come across a prediction for today football matches as you browse through football updates. Natural curiosity leads you to investigate further, and you find yourself drawn to a whole new world and way of looking at the game itself.

A word of caution though. Not every prediction site is reliable and not every bet (no matter what the odds suggest) is profitable. If you want to win more money than lose in betting, there are certain things you would do good to keep in mind. The first and most important rule of betting is to understand value bets.


Understanding Football Value Bets

You might ask “So, what are value bets and why are they so important?” Well, value bets in the simplest possible language are bets which have value. That is to say, bets which can lead to wins and earn you some money.

When you read a prediction for today football matches on a site, what you are reading are actually the odds that have been calculated and analysed by experts. What you bet on are those odds provided to you by your bookmaker. Now, serious betters only consider those bets to be value bets in which you can believe that the chances of your favoured outcome are greater than the odds on it reflect.

To be able to evaluate this, you need to have a thorough understanding of the game and the teams involved in the relevant matches.

Some factors which can help you judge whether a bet has value are:

  • The odds offered by bookmakers
  • The line-up of the teams involved
  • The prediction for today football matches section on the top sites that you hold account with
  • Record of tie-ups involving the teams in the recent past
  • Performance of the teams on home ground versus away
  • Key players’ recent statistics based on performance streak, etc.


Behind every prediction for today football matches that you see on a top site, there are algorithms in work which come up with the odds. But no algorithm can match up to human intuition and game reading ability that true football followers and fans can access.


Calculating Football Value Bets

While it is easy to say that a bet has value if you think the chances of outcome are higher than the offered odds, it is not so easy to figure out. There is some maths involved. The formulae to calculate betting value is:

Betting Value = (Odds Offered * Assessed Probability of Outcome) – 1

If the betting value comes out to be less than or equal to zero, then the chances of winning the bet are negligible and it becomes a very risky bet where as if the betting value comes to a positive figure, it is worth your stakes. You can seek out the prediction for today football matches section from your preferred prediction site to hone your own assessed probability of outcome.


What’s at Stake: How Much to Bet?

Once you are decided that you like the odds provided by the bookers and it cross checks with the prediction for today football matches as found on a reliable prediction site, you have to decide how much you want to put at stake.

As with every betting stance, it is recommended that you follow a few rules to avoid turning betting into a gambling gig and ending up broke and frustrated. The most important of those are:

  • Never bet any amount that is more than what you can afford to lose
  • Takes losses in your stride and avoid getting caught up in a chase game
  • Do not let a winning streak or a losing streak affect you enough to make you raise the stakes.

In order for you to be a successful better and continue to earn more money than the amount spent, you have to take it slow and easy. There is no need to jump to place a place every time you read the prediction for today football matches section on a site/ daily if you do not have enough understanding of the matches in context.

5 Tips to Make Money on the Top Prediction for Today in Football Matches

It should be made clear right at the onset that there are no shortcuts or failsafe ways to being successful at betting. Any site, betting guru, advertisement etc. claiming to guarantee hundred percent wins based on even the most accurate prediction for today football matches on the best prediction site is lying and trying to get your money.

There are only three keys that you have to keep close and dear if you want to make a long-term place for yourself in the betting market. They are:

  • Perseverance, because you will lose more bets than win
  • Experience, because nothing else teaches better
  • Discipline, because without it you are nothing more than a chronic gamble


Besides these key points, there are five things that can help you go a long way in making money based on regular ‘predictions for today football matches’ without going broke from failed bets.

#1. Do Not Bet Without Value: This is to ensure that you bet only on odds which have a greater chance of being converted into wins.

#2. Play Known Markets: There are so many betting markets that it would be tomfoolery to dip one toe in each of them. Rather, pick your favourite markets and learn them in depth so you can hone your betting skills in those specific markets.

#3. Play Known Leagues: Referring only to predictions for today football matches is not enough to make successful bets. You have to be able to understand and interpret the games and come up with your own judgement. This is only possible when you know the league the teams play in.

#4. Work with Many Bookmakers: The wider you explore, the better offers you can find.

#5. Record Every Football Bet You Make: Journaling your betting journey can help you develop and learn over time. It will also help you to find great insights into the markets and leagues you bet in.

Whether you want to earn money on a long-term basis, or simply want to dabble in betting every once in a while, you can hone your skills over time and get better at reading odds, evaluating bets and judging the best of predictions for today football matches when you come across them.


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