How To Access The Factors Which Affect Soccer Prediction Accuracy?


Most people bet on soccer so that they are able to earn money. They think that it is their main concern. But there is something which is even more important than earning money through betting. It is the ability to make accurate soccer predictions. Irrespective of the market that the betting is being conducted or the teams that are participating or even the championship that is being played, being able to make a correct guess of the outcome of a certain bet  is the ultimate aspect of soccer betting. In fact depending on the type of bet that is placed, this ability to guess the correct outcome can result in a huge win for the punters and tipsters.

Factors affecting the potential outcome

There are certain factors which influence accurate soccer predictions in a big way. While some of these factors are more important, some more obvious than the others but it is a fact that each of these factors contribute significantly to the mathematical probability of the occurrence of an event. Thus none of these factors can be ignored. These factors are:

  • Current form: This refers to the physical and psychological state of the teams. These are two major factors which influence the current playing form for the same. Any team which has had a successful run in recent times is more likely to continue with it than one who has not been in form. In order to find the latest form of the team and make accurate soccer predictions on the basis of it is important to view the statistics available for the same with an analytical eye. League and championship tables are thus considered to be the best indicators for understanding the:
    • Quality of opponents faced by the teams in the recent times and their match results,
    • The average overall margins by which they have been winning or losing matches and
    • The quality of the game that they have been playing including the strategies adopted and their execution.
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  • Head to head results: This is a match specific indicator which helps punters and tipsters to make accurate soccer predictions with regard to the matches being played today. Thus when two teams who have played each other head to head collide, the results of their previous matches become a major factor which determines the outcome of the current match to be held. Any team which has been consistently winning against another team in most of their previous matches tends to be relatively sure of a win while one which has been consistently loosing in head to head matches would be under a lot of pressure to perform well in the current match scheduled. On the other hand matches between teams which have had similar successes against each other in previous matches are somewhat unpredictable and thus much more exciting and rewarding.
  • Strategies adopted: The style of play that a team is comfortable with helps make accurate soccer predictions since:
    • It becomes easy to analyse the execution of the strategies and
    • Understand if that style of play will prove to be effective in an upcoming match.

But care should be taken when using this factor as a determinant for a possible outcome since this is not a very tangible factor and is open to different interpretations at all times. In fact in order to analyse this factor effectively, one needs to:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the game and
  • Spend considerable time viewing and reviewing the game.
  • Discipline: While the effectiveness of this factor in making accurate soccer predictions is somewhat open to debate, the fact that a disciplined team does have a better approach and is better equipped to handle an upcoming match cannot be denied. A disciplined team keeps in good physical form even when they are not playing, they are able to maintain their game play and not make rash decisions on and off the field and also ensure that they play the game fair and square.
  • Home and away: It is a fact that playing on a home ground provides home teams with a definite advantage and away teams at a definite disadvantage. Home teams with the crowd advantage are able to get a good morale boost while the away teams tend to be under greater pressure to perform since they are constantly booed by the crowd. There are also times when home teams get routed by the away teams. Thus a statistical analysis and expert review of the home and away match records becomes a very good factor to ensure accurate soccer predictions.
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  • Weather: The weather forecast for the day is another non-tangible indicator which has an influence on the outcome of an upcoming match. It has been seen that teams playing in good weather tend to deliver much better results than one that are held in adverse weather conditions of rains, high humidity etc. Some of these weather conditions like an extreme breeze even have the effect of swinging the football in a direction other than the desired one while high humidity tends to be extremely draining for players participating in a game of soccer. Thus this is also another important factor which needs to be given its due deliberation when making accurate soccer predictions.
  • Schedules: Soccer is a fast-paced action-filled game. This can be quite draining for the players who are constantly running for about 90 minutes on the fields. When they are subjected to follow a hectic schedule, they tend to become tired both mentally and physically which again has a direct adverse effect on their output. Thus it affects the outcome of a game and should be definitely taken into consideration when making accurate soccer predictions.
  • Miscellaneous factors: Certain other factors like injuries, suspensions, withdrawals, retirements etc., tend to affect the morale of the players individually and the team as a whole. Thus the performance of the team gets affected and players tend to make mistakes on the field that would normally not do. This again has a direct influence on the game outcome and should never be overlooked.

There are many other small factors which also influence the result of an upcoming soccer match like motivation, overall team management, points acquired etc. Thus making accurate soccer predictions is no easy task. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration and a number of factors and data analysed. Punters who are serious about the bets that they place thus need to devote a lot of time and energy to the same.

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