How Fixed Odds Work In Soccer Betting?


Fixed odds soccer betting is a type of betting where you will place a bet against the odds provided by the bookie. If you take advantage of fixed odds predictions, it is recommended to place this bet just before and after a match. Find out how fixed odds work in football betting and its benefits.

What is Fixed-Odds Soccer Betting?

Fixed odds betting allows you to bet against the odds offered by the bookie. With this type of betting, you will have to know the odds when placing your stake. It can also include bets that determine the price at the time of the match’s start. The bookies will always focus on the outcome to be in their favor.

The goal of fixed odds predictions is to reduce or eliminate any room for luck to play a role in betting. You will have the knowledge of the precise odds received when you place the bet. There are many ways in which this can be achieved.

It is an odds-against bet, which means that you will be placing a bet that that odds don’t indicate to be winning. Since the odds here will be much higher, you can expect much bigger returns.

  • Fixed-odds soccer betting will usually involve a ranking system featuring the playing sides
  • You will be provided with a number to decide the odds of a side winning
  • These odds are then compared to the odds offered by the bookie

It is the bookie’s odds that will help determine whether you are going to win the bet. It will also determine the amount you are going to win.

Fixed Odds Vs Spread Odds

The key difference between fixed odds and spread betting is that in the former case the potential profits or losses are fixed based on the odds provided by the bookie. When it comes to soccer betting, these profits or losses could be several times your stake. So you have to be careful with this strategy and choose fixed odds predictions to win.

  • If you want to eliminate the risks and want to be certain about how much you will win or lose, you should consider fixed odds betting
  • Spread betting may be considered if you want to increase the thrill and excitement
  • Spread betting will open your soccer bet to different potential outcomes
  • The risk and rewards are high in spread betting
  • The risk and rewards are relatively lower in fixed-odds betting

Both types of soccer bets are popular and your choice of the one depends on the leagues and matches involved.


Advantages of Fixed-Odds Soccer Betting

One of the main reasons for the popularity of fixed odds predictions is that it depends on certain key factors with high degree of probability. In other words, it is easier to predict it. Some of these factors include:

  • Past results
  • Previous team and player performances
  • Head to head records
  • Home edge
  • Player suspensions & injuries

Then there are many other factors that can have an impact on the outcome of a match that cannot be evaluated until the match kicks-off. Sometimes, these factors could be as simple as the weather condition affecting the match and the players’ form.

Even unexpected fatigue among players can have a big impact on the outcome of the match. When you notice such situations where the odds don’t actually represent the actual scenario, you can grab the opportunity to make some decent profits using fixed odds predictions.

Some of the key advantages here include:

  • Evaluation of all the key factors is a more mathematical approach to increase your odds of making profits from soccer betting
  • You will especially find this approach to be beneficial as a beginner

New soccer punters are known to make a series of losses. Using fixed odds predictions is an excellent way to generate steady income.

Another advantage of choosing this type of betting is that you will know the odds and price before placing the bet. No matter what the outcome, the selected figures will be the final result.

Value Betting Scenario

It is also easier to find value betting scenario with regard to fixed odds predictions. Usually before the match kicks-off, the bookies are going to display the odds based on the speculation. These odds are mostly not based on facts because they are still waiting for all the information.

How to Benefit from Fixed Odds Soccer Betting?

So when you follow fixed odds predictions, you would want to know whether it is possible to win money from this type of betting. If that is what you are serious about, you should look forward to these odds paying you well.

  • You should bet objectively and not as a ‘fan’ or with emotions
  • You should pursue long shot underdogs and bank upon the big upsets that are bound to happen
  • Another strategy is to bet on the favorite and choose fixed-odds bet only when the favorites are in poor form

Soccer ball, brazil flag

The interesting thing about fixed odds soccer betting is that both sides provide similar kind of value.

Pursuing Success

If you are pursuing success in soccer betting in the long term, you should make smart use of fixed odds predictions. And when you use this strategy, you should be very selective. More betting involving fixed odds translate into lesser profits.

Fixed odds soccer betting can become increasingly complex. This is why you will need the help of fixed odds predictions. You will have to make increasingly better estimates. This means that you cannot decide the strategy or handle the analysis on your own. It will be required to rely on the experts.

Overall, fixed odds predictions help eliminate the role of chance in your soccer betting experience. It is based on scientific techniques and uses statistical and mathematical analysis to make predictions. It can involve quite simple strategy or complicated analysis. The larger the number of parameters taken into account for making the predictions, the more will be the complexity. So if you want to benefit from this form of soccer betting, it is important to take advantage of accurate predictions.

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