How Do You Win Soccer Bets?


There are two kinds of soccer punters. The first kind bet for the sake of fun and the second kind is looking to win consistently and make profits. Football is an unpredictable sport and if you belong to the second category of punters, you should learn how to make today sure wins every time. One of the simplest things you can do is to be clear about your bets and what betting markets to choose.

This guide explains provides you valuable today sure wins tips to ensure that you can become a successful soccer punter.

1. Evaluate All Factors

If you want to win regularly in soccer betting, it is important to evaluate all the factors. Some of the most important of these factors include the following:

i. Team Form

Start by checking the team and its key players’ current form. This will require you to go through the team’s recent matches. The current form doesn’t just mean looking at the wins and losses. Also look at how well they played and the strength of the opposition teams.

ii. Head to Head Record

Next, you should check the head to head matches between the 2 sides. An excellent way to predict today sure wins is to check the history of matches between 2 teams. There is almost always going to be a trend in the results. This can give you a clear indication of how the upcoming match is going to end up.

iii. Home/Away Record

Next, you should look at the home/away stats of both the teams. You can get a good idea of the match outcome depending on the home and away records of both the sides.

iv. Match Schedule

Another way to make today sure wins predictions is to check both side’s schedule. A team with a very tight schedule can possibly have exhausted players. Also check the importance of the last and upcoming matches. The amount of effort a side is going to put in a match is also going to depend on their schedule.

v. Motivation

This is an important factor that most punters may not consider when betting on a soccer match. Check how motivated each team is in winning the match.

vi. Injuries & Suspensions

There are many factors that can influence the performance of the players in an upcoming match. You should look at the suspensions and injuries and the players who were affected. Check the quality of the players who are not going to play due to an injury. Also consider the quality of the players who will be replacing those players.

2. Make Fewer Selections

If you want to ensure a sure win, it is important that you make fewer bet selections. It is surprising that many punters prefer betting markets like Parlays because of the high odds involved. Such bets significantly reduce your chances of winning. When you make fewer selections, your chances of winning increase.


  • It is recommended to think small when betting on soccer
  • Think of one bet at a time
  • Keep your selections less than 4, if you see the right opportunity

It helps to know that bookies lose the most amount from single bets.

3. Look at the Less Obvious Betting Markets

There are winning opportunities to be found in betting markets which are less commonly followed. You should try to find better value in other soccer betting markets. If you can do your research, it is always possible to find excellent prices and ensure today sure wins. For example, you may find that Team A is higher up the table than Team B. However, Team A may have been going through a bad patch due to a recent injury or suspension. This can create an excellent opportunity for you to include Team B in your accumulator.


4. Keep the Emotions Out of It

An important yet commonly ignored betting strategy is to keep your emotions out of betting. When betting, it is highly likely that you may like one team. You may have certain personal preferences about that side winning. Avoid the temptation to put your money on your emotions.

  • Never try to back a team that you like, without doing adequate research
  • If the research and reason doesn’t support the side, you should not bet on them
  • Be careful when betting on derby games, because players can be more motivated, making it difficult for you to make accurate predictions

If you think that you cannot help it, you should look at other betting markets that ensure today sure wins. For example, instead of betting on your favorite team winning, you can bet on them scoring a goal.

5. Ensuring Sure Wins

It is recommended to follow these tips to ensure today sure wins with high level of consistency:

  1. Do Your Research: Do in-depth research on each and every match you intend to bet on. Look at all the relevant information including past results, injuries, suspensions, player returns, coach changes, and more.
  2. Follow the Crowds: This requires you to keep an eye on any dramatic odds movements. Find out the reasons that may have caused such changes. For example, you may have missed out on accounting for a player replacement.
  • Maintain a Record: Make sure to maintain a record of your winnings and losses. You should document each bet you place, along with all the details. This can provide you valuable insights for future betting. For example, you will be able to identify the leagues where you perform the best. You may also find out the types of bets that yield you better returns.

So follow all these tips to ensure that you can make today sure wins in soccer betting. Remember, it is going to take a lot of research and hard work to come up with winning predictions. You can also consider getting the help of experienced tipsters. Buying such expert tips can further go a long way in helping you ensure consistent winnings and generating regular profits at the end of every season.

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