How do I win a football bet every time?


Football game is one of the most popular games in the world. Accordingly, the football betting is something the whole world is addicted to. With thousands of matches being played in various parts of the world, football betting is capable of keeping the punters engaged throughout the year. The only thing that may keep people away from betting is making losses continually, which breaks the bank. Betting is tried to make lot of money, so there has to be some trick or strategy that gets win every time. Besides referring to Sure Wins For Today on prestigious betting sites, one can take help of the tips mentioned in sections below.

Scoring sure wins for today games requires lot of research and practice. Learning about the betting styles and making correct decisions is useful in winning every time. You can also adopt certain habits to make your style of betting capable of giving you sure wins for today games and on weekends. These habits are:

  • Keeping record of betting

You must keep a date-wise record of your betting activity. The important things to record are – types of betting strategies used, wins scored in bets made in favor of a certain team, losses made by favoring any team, the amount put on stake for any bet, profit or loss made in any bet, bookies used for betting, etc.

By keeping record of betting activity, you generate a data that helps you find the profitable ways of scoring sure wins for today. Your records tell you what betting strategies yielded you best results. So, whenever you want to maximize your wins, you can take help of strategies proven successful to you.

  • Keep changing bookmakers

When you search for bookmakers offering bets that give view of sure wins for today, you will find that internet is flooded with unending choices. So, there is no point in staying stuck to any website where you are finding betting difficult. Even if the betting process is not difficult, you can be missing on free bets and other discounts that websites offer to new subscribers. Availability of so many bookmakers can give you lot of free bonus amount to put on stake without actually risking your own money. Thus, you can get to enjoy sign up free bets when you keep changing the bookmakers.


Bookmakers give different odds for sure wins for today games. Some bookies may have higher odds for the same bets proposed before and during the match. So, if you keep a close eye on all bookmaking sites, keeping emotions aside, you may land up earning more by betting on higher odds available in sites other than the one you normally use. Similarly, you can have advantage of price boost given by the sites to beat the competition.

  • Going to betting exchanges in addition to bookmakers

The business model of bookmakers and betting exchanges is quite different. The latter do not add commission on the betting odds. They actually earn commission which is actually a percentage of earnings of the punter. Thus, the odds are not unnecessarily inflated in the betting exchanges. At betting exchanges, you will find that your winning does not come in your way of making more money from sure wins for today bets. In the traditional bookmaking sites, you will find that your account becomes restricted when you score some wins on a subsequent basis. This problem will not be disturbing you while using the betting exchange.

  • Go for facts not for emotions

When betting to score sure wins for today, you certainly stay emotion-less. The emotion towards any bookmaking site, or a player or a team can cost you your money. So, instead of putting money on the favorite team hoping it to perform well, put money where the facts provide you food for making decision. Your favorite player may not be in their best form, or the performance of the team in previous matches of the tournament may not be painting the town red as expected. So, when you choose to put money on second-half betting kind of markets, or go for under/over betting styles, the decision should be based purely on the performance and the current form.

Similarly, loyalty to a single bookmaking site does not bring home more nickels through sure win bet for today predictions. You need to research deeply on all betting venues available and keep rotating the use. This helps having the best deal always and most unbiased results.


  • Build your wealth with small bets

A win is a win. So, if you are building your book by putting money on small bets, you actually are doing good for your bank account. Small bets offer sure wins for today too. As a new and enthusiastic punter, you will be inclined to make daring bets. This is going to be very damaging for the earnings. Going slow and steady and taking small leaps not only builds confidence but also brings the earnings. The small bets allow you to:

  • find the betting strategy that works for you
  • practice betting
  • find sure wins for today bets
  • frequently book wins to gain more confidence


  • Know football thoroughly

To win a better chance in winning at football betting tips, knowing the game is very important. Finding sure wins involves reading regularly about the teams, the match conditions, injured players, current form of players and overall performance of team, home win record, away win record, team management news and so on. Ascertaining that any bet is sure win can be derived from the combination of all the factors affecting the performance of the team on the ground. Sometimes, time taken to travel, ground conditions, and effect of travel on health of the players also determine the course of play on the ground.

So, these are some of the strategies you can adopt to ensure your win in the football betting. When the decisions are based on regular research and betting practice, these yield the positive results for the bettor.

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