Handbook Of Halftime-Fulltime Bets

Halftime-fulltime is a double bet as it involves predicting results of both the halves. There are two predictions and both the anticipations must be true. It is an interesting bet and rewarding as well but it is often overlooked for two reasons. First, it becomes uninteresting in second half and second it is more difficult than others.

Why halftime-fulltime becomes uninteresting?

If your prediction for the first half goes wrong, you won’t be interested in the second half because you won’t win the bet even if your prediction for next half is true. But if you make right prediction for first half then you will be interested in the next half. Another reason for the bet becoming uninteresting is that it is quite difficult to anticipate result of first half.

What is interesting in this bet?

If you are watching in interesting match like quarter-final and semi-final, you will certainly want to bet on halftime-fulltime results. And in final, this bet becomes the most important. Halftime-fulltime is the highest paying bet but you can’t win it without halftime fulltime tips. It is quite difficult to predict correct score in the first half, when the game has just begun but a tipster can make right predictions for both the halves.

Handbook Of Halftime-Fulltime Bets

Halftime-fulltime bet becomes more challenging during finals when only top teams remain in the tournament. When you are betting on an interesting match, you won’t want to see you losing. If you lose the bet in halftime, you will lose you interest in the match. With halftime soccer predictions, you can make sure that you win the bet or at least have assurance that you will get a replacement tip, if you lose the halftime-fulltime bet.

Beware from fraudsters

Some tipsters spread rumors about match fixing and offer tips for halftime/fulltime fixed matches. It is a big racket in which punters are divided into three parts. First part is provided tip about team A winning, second part is tipped about team B winning and third part is asked to bet on draw. Only one part wins and the winners become loyal customers of the tipsters.

Do match fixing happen?

There is no concrete poof of such activity but some newspaper reports confirm that some players take bribe for playing for bookies. But information about match fixing is never leaked as it will kill the objective of Fixing Matches. No one including tipsters can every come to know about any such illegal activity.

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