Football betting strategies that work!

There is a learning curve to soccer betting that cannot be denied. Most times a bettor is going to be learning while he bets and the more he learns, the better he is going to get. However, one does not learn just like that. There are soccer betting strategies that when utilised helps a bettor become better at the job. With soccer betting tipsters information available, it is now possible for bettors to learn from what other bettors are doing. Here’s a look at the best football betting strategies that are going to work.


Value soccer betting

This is the best strategy out there and one which can do wonders for your betting game. Understanding the concept of value bets is the most important thing you can learn about betting. The basic concept of value in betting is that you are not really looking for a team that wins but you are looking for a bookmaker who has undervalued an odd. You want to have an advantage over that bookmaker and make money quickly and that is what value betting is all about.

For this, you first need to find the percentage the bookmaker has given to the chance of a team winning a game. This is easy enough to do. First, consider than a team is given a 4-1 odds for winning a game and so you divide 4 by 1 and then add one and then divide the figure by 100. In this case, according to the bookmaker, the team has 20% chance of winning the game. After you have arrived at this figure, it is time to put the strategy to practice. You have to do a little research on form and track record of both teams to find out what your fair value for the team is. If after doing this you come to the conclusion that the team actually has a 40% chance of winning the game, and not 20% chance according to the bookmaker, then it is a value bet. It means that the bookmaker has undervalued the team and it is where you can make some cash. Now, this is not an easy strategy; it is one that can involve a bit of calculation and homework, but if you want to make money well and proper, this is one strategy you must have in your arsenal.



Over/Under 2.5 goals

For soccer betting tipsters, this can be a winning yet simple strategy to use. It starts with you choosing a few matches together on a coupon and you have to decide whether they will go under or over the goal line. You have to understand that with this strategy (or any strategy for that matter), there are no 100% guarantees and nothing is set in stone. However, this is a basic 50/50 shot you can try to use on a game which is no doubt more than a 1 in 3 shot that people usually get on the outcomes of a game.

With this strategy as with any other strategy, it is extremely imperative to make sure that it is based on facts and statistics. With it, you have to base your bet on what you expect the average amount of goals the first team has been making in the season and what the other team has conceded during games away from home. This way, it is possible for you to find out the maximum and minimum average goals that are going to occur. If you calculate that the average is high enough, then there are chances that the game will go over the goal line.


Laying the correct scores

Another strategy that soccer betting tipsters swear by is this. Betting exchanges will allow you as a bettor for green books and this is a bet where you can back a particular selection before a game starts and after the game starts, you can back another selection. The second selection can go against the first selection you bet on. If the odds are great, then no matter what happens and what the outcome of the game is going to be, you win. This is a fun way to bet and it is a strategy that can be used to your advantage in a very smart way as long as you are aware of what you are doing.


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The choice of strategies

When it comes to soccer betting strategies, it is important for bettors to pick and choose what strategy is going to work for a particular game. Some strategies are good for smaller games while others are great for bigger games. It really depends on what your beliefs are. Choosing the betting strategy properly will ensure that you are going to win no matter what.

There are several strategies that let you bet on more than one resultant outcome of a game. However, to use them, you have to be sure of how you should go about it. Before using a particular strategy, it definitely makes sense to try and know all about it. There is no dearth of strategies around and with time, it is possible that you find strategies of your own that work.

Following any strategy blindly is also not a good idea at all. This is the crux of the matter. You have to use your common sense as well as your knowledge of the facts that are available to arrive at your own decision even when you are using a particular strategy. Just jumping into a strategy and starting to throw money at it is foolish and something a lot of bettors do thinking they are going to win a lot of money. That is not how it is done.

The best way is to put a strategy you are interested in trying to test without putting money into it. So follow it and test it out on paper for the next few weeks. If you want, you make a few tweaks to it to make it more suited to you. if you find it working, you can use it. Experienced soccer betting tipsters do it this way.


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