Combo bet prediction

A combo bet can also be called an accumulator, but this sort of bet can be quite dangerous as you have to successfully predict all the outcomes of every match when you fill in the coupon.

Combo betting explained

One way an experienced handicapper makes wagering just that more exciting and with a greater potential for gaining more profit is by placing several bets on a number of selections. This combination betting can help to reduce risk with the intention of maximizing any potential gains. Also, it differs from an accumulator (a parlay) or a single bet, as the stake isn’t completely lost if one selection fails.

To gain a better understand of how a combo bet prediction works, think about a typical thoroughbred race meet. There are most likely to be a minimum of 6 races scheduled during the day. With an availability of £12 for wagering, a bettor does have several betting options. A one off bet of £12 could be betted on one horse only to win in the 1st race. Whatever odds are offered, if the horse selected doesn’t make 1st place that 12 pounds would have been lost very early in the day.

Combo bet prediction Game1

Another way to bet the £12 would be to bet £4 each on a number of horses to win in the 1st 3 races. That £12, which would then be called a combo bet, is made up of 3 singles. At least one chosen horse has to win at odds of 3:1 or more, for a profit to be made. Also choosing 2 winners at an average odds being 2:3 or more would yield a profit as well. If all of the 3 ended up as winners, the bettor will benefit even more.

Combo betting can reduce the potential risk, because 1 or 2 losses aren’t enough for you to lose all your bets. You can reduce your risk even more by betting £2 each on 6 horses in each of the six races. If one winner pays odds of 6:1 or more, the day ends up being profitable.

Disadvantages of a combo bet prediction

All bettors should know that there are drawbacks of this sort of betting. The chances of winning a large amount is reduced as the bets become diluted. Just a small profit can be gained unless 2 or more choices are correct.

With accumulator bets offered by a bookmaker 2 or more selections are linked to a single bet but the odds are higher than if separate bets were made. Also, the minimum amount needed for an accumulator bet is not as much as that needed for the placing of individual bets. However, if a single selection is lost, the whole stake is forfeited.

A popular combo bet prediction is a “trixie,” which is composed of 4 bets on 3 selections in different events which includes 3 doubles and a treble. If two of the choices succeed, a return for the Trixie takes place. is a reputable betting website explaining all the ins and outs of a combo bet prediction and accumulators.

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