Combo Bet Prediction

One method used by experienced handicappers that makes wagering far more exciting and possibly more profitable, is through wagering multiple bets on a number of selections. This is called combination betting and helps to reduce risk while at the same time maximising possible gain. This is not quite like an accumulator or single bet, because the stake isn’t completely lost if one selection fails. Combo Bet prediction may not be that easy unless you use an online business like to help you make the best bets.

Take a race meeting for thoroughbreds as an example. Throughout the whole day there are probably going to be 6 separate races. If a wager has £12 to spend, there are several betting possibilities. A £12 straight bet could be waged on one horse to win in the 1st race. Without regards to the odds on offer if the wagers selection does not win all money will be lost early in the day.
Another possibility is for the bettor to put £4 each on chosen horses as winners in the 1st three races. That is a combined stake of just £12, which can be described as a combo bet composed of “three singles.” If one of the selections wins at a 3/1 odds or higher, the bettor will make a profit. If 2 winners are chosen with an average odds at 2/3 or more a profit will be the result.

Combo bet prediction reduces the risk

With a combo bet prediction, risk is reduced. Having 1 or 2 losers doesn’t necessarily mean all stakes are lost on that particular day. The risk of wagering £2 each on horses in all 6 races means if one winner makes a payment at odds of at least 6/1 or more, that day will be profitable.

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Bettors should be aware that there are disadvantages of calculating bets in this manner. The chance of winning big is markedly lowered because bets have been diluted. There won’t be much profit returned unless at least 2 picks are right. This is the time when combo bet prediction should be done for you by a company like

There are other more complex combo bets too. The super yankee is one example and is made up of 26 wagers made on 5 selections at different fixtures. It is composed of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 4-fold accumulators plus 1 5-fold accumulator. In order to get a return, two picks have to succeed.

Heinz is another combo bet which covers 6 selections comprising 57 individual bet made up of fifteen doubles, twenty trebles, fifteen four X, six five X and a single six X accumulator. Super Heinz is made up of a whopping 120 bets covering 7 picks each in a different event. It is a combination of twenty one doubles, thirty-five trebles, thirty-five 4-fold accumulators, twenty-one 5-folds, 7 6-folds and 1 7-fold. In each of these cases, no less than 2 selections have to win to ensure any pay-out.

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