Combo Bet Prediction

One way in which an experienced handicapper puts more excitement into betting which is often more profitable is by putting several bets on a number of selections. This is referred to as “combination betting.” This helps to reduce the risk while initiating a maximum potential gain. Also, it is different from an accumulator (parlay) or a single bet, as the stake isn’t totally lost if one single selection decides to fail.

To understand the way combo betting works, think about an average meeting of thoroughbreds at a flat race fixture. There will most likely be no less than six races scheduled during the day. With $12 to wager, a bettor has a variety of betting choices. A bet of all of that $12 could be placed on one horse to win in the 1st race whatever the odds that are offered. However, if the selection fails to come in 1st, everything is likely to be lost and that’s at the start of the day.

Another possibility is the bettor choosing to bet $4 each on specific horses to win in the 1st three races. That is a stake of $12, which can be described as a combo bet prediction composed of 3 singles. If one choice at least wins at odds at or more than 3/1, a profit will be realised. Also, when making use of the same token while selecting 2 winners at odds of more than 2/3 a profit would be made.

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Combo bet prediction reduces the risk as having 1 or 2 losers does not always mean the stakes of the day are lost. It is possible to lower further any possible risk through wagering $2 on each of the horses in all 6 races. If one winner pays at odds of at least 6/1 or more, the day should turn out to be profitable.

A bettor should be aware that parceling bets out like this isn’t always beneficial. The chance of winning a large amount is not as likely because the bet is diluted. Only some profit is likely unless 2 or more of the picks work out correct.

This explains why an accumulator that is offered by a bookmaker is always popular. It allows 2 or more choices to be connected into one wager at higher odds than if the bets wagered separately. Also, the wager for an accumulator is not as much as what is needed when placing an individual bet. However, if one selection is lost, the complete stake is forfeited.

Some Combo Bet Prediction includes all combinations for trebles, doubles and accumulators. These are known when grouped together as full cover bets.” When these bets include all the possible singles, this is called full cover single bets.

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