Beating Bookies In Their Own Game—Is It Possible


The whole world of gambling is basically controlled by bookmakers or bookies as they are commonly called. They are the ones who decide the odds, they are the ones who control the bets and they are also the ones who win big with every game that takes place. It is but natural to be in awe of them. But there is another aspect about correct score predictionwhich most people either completely miss or are not aware of it. This relates to the fact that every gambling game is basically a compilation of some simple yet complex mathematical calculations based on the statistics one researches about the concerned game. This simple aspect gives bettors the possible ways to beat bookies at their own games sometimes, if not always.

It is just a matter of keeping a few very important strategies in mind and keeping the eyes open for spotting the right odds. And of course one has to learn to resist temptation and never let emotions rule decisions where any form of betting is concerned. Gambling is a very cold and calculating field and should be treated with equal amounts of respect and fear.


Some important betting strategies

These are strategies that one needs to keep in mind since they are the ones which will enable plausible gains and save him from making daft mistakes while making a correct score prediction like:

  • In order to ensure profitability, one also needs to invest both time and money into this hobby or pastime. Alternatively one can also invest in very high risk strategies which if and when they pay off, the bettor wins big time. While for the beginners the first option is always better, the experienced bettor loves to experiment with the second option.
  • Up and down bets, round robin bets, four fold bets, goliath bets, lay betting etc., are some common yet proved strategies which are known to yield good results and should thus be understood and implemented.
  • It is common knowledge that bookmakers feed off the losses incurred by punters. Hence it is very important to keep a strong nerve and be an absolute realist when making a correct score prediction.
  • Another important strategy which every experienced and successful bettor swears by is that bets should always be placed with the money won in previous bets. Funding bets from household expenses or earnings make for a desperate strategy which quickly depletes the bank balance leaving the punter penniless.
  • Online betting is always better than betting offline. This is because online betting offers a lot of options and freebies which gives punters much more control over the bets and also helps to enhance their chances of leaving the online betting parlour with their winnings.


Making the correct predictions

This is a very good method of beating bookies and making money thereby gaining more than enough to fund future bets. It is also a very simple strategy, one that is available to all punters yet most do not look into it at depth. This strategy is to gain a complete and thorough knowledge of the game of soccer before even attempting to make a correct score prediction.

Thus one needs to do his homework well since a sport like soccer is so popular that everyone knows something or the other about it. Hence in order to gain an advantage, a bettor needs to look at plausible vantage points by scrutinising:

  • The past performances of the team,
  • The history of the teams with regards to the surface being played on,
  • Any recent chances that have been made,
  • The state of the team’s physical and mental health etc.

This will make a punter aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the competing teams and enables him to make the correct predictions while placing a bet either on the final outcome or any of the other soccer game options available.


Accumulators—the ideal trick

Even though gambling outcomes are generally very unpredictable, the use of the strategy of accumulators enables punters to win big from placing a small stake or bet. But the punter needs to make some strategically correct score prediction Accumulators, when used in the right way, can be an ideal way to beat bookmakers.


But there are two very important points that a punter should always keep in mind:

  • While the chances of a super sized accumulator having around 20 to 30 teams on it may seem like a recipe for sure success, there is always a chance that one or more might just lose or simply just have a match go into a draw. Since even this one value can go against the punter, accumulators are a very good option for short term betting but for long term profitability, it has yet to prove its utility.
  • Accumulators should never be padded out with odds-on stakes which are quite obvious. This is because for any substantial winning, a huge stake is needed and to lay it on the mercy of one player would be sheer foolishness and should never be done. Even with a relatively sure correct score prediction, it is not an option that one should take.


Beating bookies often

Even though the whole process of opening an account with a bookmaker can seem quite tiresome, one should always do it. This is because in the unforgiving world of gambling, one should never let go of any opportunities and advantages that he might be getting. And opening up several accounts does have quite a few advantages like:

  • More start-up bonuses: Bookies have a tendency to match the start-up amount deposited by a punter thereby doubling the money that he can lay on a bet. Thus with the help of the variety of start-up options available, a punter can see his account deposit get doubled or even tripled.
  • More free-bonus: This is another option which tends to add on to the money initially invested. In fact in order to retain its punters, bookmakers keep offering freebies like bonuses, free bets, special offers etc., thereby increasing the initial deposit of the punter and encouraging him to invest more of the money in question.

While the punter is definitely not allowed to withdraw this money as per the contract signed between him and the bookmaker, he can use it to place strategic bets by taking advantage of the correct score prediction available at the concerned website.



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