8 Cardinal Rules Of Betting In The England Championship League


The English championship league or the EFL is one of the highest divisions of football league and is second only to the Premier leagues. Its importance lies in the fact that after every season, the football teams who finish among the top two automatically get a chance to get promoted to the coveted Premier leagues. In fact teams finishing in positions from 3rd to the 6th also get a chance to participate in a playoff, the winner of which also gets a chance to compete at the Premier League.

In fact these championships not only have a great sports value but are also one of the wealthiest championships in the world and across Europe. Thus there is a huge amount of betting which goes on in these championships. The rewards are high and so are the risks and hence there is also a lot of money spent on obtaining England championship prediction by associating with good soccer prediction websites or tipster websites.

Thus this is where every bettor or punter eventually gravitates irrespective of whether he is a square, a sharp, an amateur or a novice. But it is easy for a novice or an amateur to gravitate from being a square bettor to a sharp punter just by following the 8 cardinal rules of betting given below. These rules acquire more importance when one is associated with such a high profile football event like the England championships. These rules pertain to:


  • Money management: With huge wins come huge risks and inducements and allures which are difficult to avoid. But with so much money riding on these championships, having good money management is as important as getting an accurate England championship prediction. The key to money management especially in the world of gambling involves:
    • Only betting winning amounts,
    • Knowing the point till which a punter can afford to lose,
    • Stopping when the going is still good enough and
    • Never letting the heart rule in money matters.


But the one question which often plagues punters is how much they should ideally bet. For championships as costly as the England Championship League, a punter should ideally bet between 3% and 5% of his bankroll. This needs to be balanced by betting less when one loses and betting more when they win.



  • Shopping for numbers: This is a very important point to consider. When a punter shops it should always be for the best possible number. This results from the fact that sports books keep changing their numbers according to the betting patterns and thus it is absolutely common to find differences of 2 or 3 points specifically in the lines. Thus it also becomes mandatory for the punter to associate themselves with the best England championship prediction


  • Underdogs: While most people go with the flow and bet on the best teams participating in the championship, it is the underdogs who make for big wins. Thus while underdogs tend to be undervalued by the squares, they are the ones the sharps associate themselves with. In fact if there is an underdog team playing at home ground the sharps will probably show a keen interest in them since teams playing on home ground rarely give up especially in front of a home crowd.


  • No presence of locks: This is something every punter associated with the game of soccer comes to eventually realize. With an infinite number of options and scenarios that can be played out, the outcome of the game of soccer rests on very fragile legs. A sure winner can get displaced with just a penalty kick or a ball accidentally entering the goal etc. Thus the unpredictability of the game of football requires punters to associate themselves with a good and authentic England championship prediction website so that they are also privy to good tips and make the right betting decisions.


  • The right time to bet: The betting pattern of the sharps and the squares differs radically with the sharps places bets on the underdogs early into the game week and the squares placing bets on the favourites at a later stage in the game week. But it is always better for the punter to place their bets on the underdogs later on in the game week when squares start betting heavily on the favourites. Subsequently the right time to bet on the favourites is during the early week when sharp punters are heavily engaged in betting on the underdogs. While soccer stands for unpredictability and thus no rules work 100%, this is one rule which have been proved to yield results in the long run.




  • Chasing bets a big no: While tips acquired from good England championship prediction website are generally on point, there may be instances when the punter might lose one or more bets. But it never pays to run after bets lost and try to win them back at the end of the day. It not only plays havoc on the punters bankroll, they also tend to start making dearer mistakes which result in disastrous consequences. While it is typical tendency of punters to increase their bets when they are winning, they should also know that they need to reduce their bets when they are losing.


  • Exotic bets: Bets which carry a higher amount of risk than usual are known as exotic bets. Typically punters invest less amount of money in these bets since they expect to win a substantial amount if their England championship prediction matches with the outcome. But these are very risky bets and hence they are best left for seasoned and experienced punters.


  • Research soccer services: This is an absolute must since there are many gaming websites who make tall claims about their services to attract punters but when the time actually comes, these claims are never followed up on. Thus the punter loses the money they have invested in opening the account and also have to make do with ship-shoddy services which in turn decreases their chances of winning bets.


Thus when the a championship league has such huge popularity and passions run so high, it is also time for the punters to swing into action and start doing their homework. With so much money riding on these championships, both the wagers and the wins are going to be substantial.

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