6 Tips to Learn How to Make Accurate Football Predictions


Soccer betting may seem to be simple as a beginner. All you have to do is bet on the final scores you expect for the match. Another betting option can be the winner of the match or whether it is going to be a draw. Soccer offers so many betting markets that it can be overwhelming for you to decide which option to bet on. You can place bets on the markets of your choice by taking advantage of football prediction site free.

While you can benefit from football prediction site free, it is also recommended to build your own skills. The following tips should help you make accurate predictions.

1. Get Ready to Lose Bets as a Beginner

As a beginner, you are almost always going to lose bets on soccer. Even experienced football punters are going to need the help of football prediction site free. A successful bettor means someone who wins on a consistent basis, while losing every now and then, but eventually makes profit every month.

Your losses are going to be part of the learning process in soccer betting. All you have to ensure is doing the right thing from the very beginning. While you learn and build betting skills over time, you can rely on the expertise of professional tipsters to make your profits.

2. Learn from Professional Soccer Tipsters

In-depth research is crucial for succeeding in soccer betting. It is the foundation of all the predictions made by football prediction site free. This is where tips and predictions from tipsters come into the picture.

  • Learn about the league, teams, players, and even the fields related to the factors you are going to bet on
  • Keep track of the interested teams’ performance
  • Evaluate the situations which were commonly associated with a team’s win or loss
  • Find out what the maximum goals of each team are

You may find the research process to be time-consuming, but it can be interesting if you focus on leagues, teams, and players of your interest.



3. Remember that there are No Favorites

If you want to succeed with any form of sports betting, you should learn to look beyond the favorite teams. Odds, probabilities, and data are more important in football betting than what may be the big teams or favorites.

  • You should follow an objective approach to sports betting
  • There are no permanent favorites in soccer, as they keep changing every now and then
  • You should never bet based on who your favorite team or player is

It is statistics that determines which team has a better chance at winning a match. While stronger teams have higher chances of winning, they don’t win all the games.

4. Develop Basic Soccer Betting Skills

You should learn the basics of soccer betting to develop the skills to win on a consistent basis. You should learn from the methods used by professional tipsters on football prediction site free. The following tips should help you in this regard:

  • If you want to bet successfully on soccer, you should learn how to find value in the odds
  • Guesswork should have no role to play when you make predictions
  • You should judge how likely it is for each outcome to happen and identify value based on this judgment

5. Learn to Find Value

Before you learn how to find value, you should know what value means in sports betting. It is recommended to learn this even if you follow a football prediction site free. Value exists in 2 forms:

  • Positive Value: The value is positive when the probability of a bet winning is higher than the probability indicated by the odds. An event has a positive value when it is more likely to occur than what the odds say.
  • Negative Value: This is when an event is less likely to occur than what the odds say.

So your goal should be to find positive value. The probability indicated by odds is referred to as ‘implied probability’.


Finding value in soccer markets can be difficult as a beginner. You should learn how to analyze all the relevant information, including key factors, to determine the potential outcomes. In soccer betting, ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘bad’ or ‘average’ teams or players doesn’t make any sense. When you follow a football prediction site free, you will find that they conduct in-depth analysis of teams and players.

It is recommended to follow these tips to find value:

  • Bet on Familiar Leagues, Teams or Players: It is much easier to find value when you bet on leagues, teams and players you know about. It is easier to evaluate probability if you have been following the teams and players for long. You will already have a good idea of the factors that can have an impact on the events.
  • Calculate Probability Before Odds: You should determine the probabilities before checking the odds provided by bookies. This is important to prevent the pre-knowledge of the odds from influencing your judgment of probabilities.
  • Check Different Factors:You may already know which factors are going to affect the outcome, but it is important to take all the key factors into account. Some factors are going to be more important than others as they carry more weight. But you should consider all factors to come up with accurate value.

6. Keep Guesswork Out of Soccer Betting

When you follow any football prediction site free for some time, you will realize that there is no room for guesswork in sports betting. As a beginner, it is highly likely that you are going to bet on your favorite teams. You bet on them because you want to stay loyal to those teams.

Secondly, you are likely to bet based on guesswork. You cannot expect to make money from any of these approaches. That is not how experienced tipsters on football prediction site free work. Expert bettors rely on past history and statistics to come up with their predictions.

Guesswork may help you win one or two bets once in a while. If you are serious about winning consistently and making profits every month, you should follow the experts on football prediction site free. You can not only get tips and predictions from professional tipsters, it is also possible to learn from them. Their tips can provide you information supporting their predictions and you can gain insights from them.

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