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Asian Handicap
Handicap means betting when one competitor or team receives a virtual head start (effectively leading by that head start before the Event begins). The winner is the competitor or team with the better score after adding the given handicap to the result. Remaining Handicap rules are set out in the Specific Event Betting Rules.
Match Odds 1x2
Match Odds 1X2 means betting in any one of three possible winning outcomes for an Event. 1 refers to the team that is named first (usually the home team); X refers to the game resulting in a draw or tie; 2 refers to the team that is named second (usually the away team).
Over/Under means betting that is determined by the total number of points (goals, games etc) in the final result of an Event. If the total is more than the Over/Under pre-designated line then the winning result is Over; if the total is less than the Over/Under pre-designated line then the winning result is Under.
Half Time/Full Time
Half-time/Full-time means betting to predict both the Half-time result and Full-time result of an Event (extra-time does not count). The following with respect to this Market shall mean: H refers to the first named team (usually the home team); D refers to a draw; A refers to the second named team (usually the away team).

Example "HA means that the first named team (Home) will be leading at half-time, and the second named team (Away) will be leading at full-time.
Correct Score means betting to predict the final score at the end of full-time.
Correct Score to win "5-0UP" (or 0-5UP) the selected team must win by five goals or more.
Parlay means bets in a combination of a minimum of three selections placed as one wager. If all selections should win then the Parlay wins and will be paid at the combined odds of the three selections. If one (or more) selection should fail to win then the Parlay loses. If one (or more) selections should be postponed then the odds for that selection will revert to 1.00 odds.

Online Soccer Betting Sites

A paid soccer tip has lot of things, which should be kept in mind to be succeeded in live betting. People who are new to online betting should not put their money on our insider soccer tips, because of this there are lot of scams. Paid soccer tips is a reputed and relevant online soccer betting sites which not only provide you insider soccer tips on betting but also provide you information which are available with the halftime fulltime tips.

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With Paid soccer tips if you want to increase your chance of winning then you should gather information on the teams, team players, injuries of the players, past record of the team and its players and other useful information which will be suggested by our insider soccer tips. You can also use the help of our halftime full time tips which tell you about the live information about the soccer tips and the scheduled leagues on which you can place your soccer betting predictions. But if you want to take the help of the experts of halftime full time tips then you need to subscribe on the soccer betting predictions. In soccer betting tips we suggest our player they should not bet huge sum of amount of a single game but prefer to divide your money into smaller bets to get high chance of making huge profits in soccer betting tips.

Football Betting Tips and Predictions for Today

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