About Us

Bet Verification

"Due to large volume of low quality tipsters since 2009, the community have decided to removed all of them. Our team have set new rules and strict policy for tipsters since 2014.

All Tipsters monitored by www.verifiedsoccertips.com required to go through a minimum of 3 months "service authentication" before getting approved. Under the surveillance of Team V.S.T, all monitored tipsters required to integrate "V.S.T Records Platform" on their websites.

All the service verdict and result published in the "V.S.T Records Platform" are updated according from the Tipster's Panel (Tipster's Login).
( The Tipster's Panel are encrypted with password, VerifiedSoccerTips does not have access to the submitted information until the monitored game has been played. Neither any of the Tipsters or Team V.S.T are able to edit, alter the information submitted. )

If found any tipsters not following any rules and regulation provided by V.S.T will be terminated immediately. Any feedback, complaint or suggestion from punters/users will affect the Account Level of Tipsters.

We categorize Tipsters in 3 Account Levels

Silver - Strictly Monitored By V.S.T, the Tipsters has just been approved recently.

Gold - Holds the status of Honest and Good Review being a Tipsters, highly recommended by V.S.T

Platinum - Being honored with TRUST and CREDIBILITY from punters, officially a Master of all Level Tipster.

Who We Are

VerifiedSoccerTips hope to eliminate the increasing number of scam/fraud services that were selling picks over the internet. Anyone could claim any betting record he wishes. Even on website where they give picks for free can alter their results, because most of them gain their revenues through affiliate links from betting companies.

Unfortunately those of us who have been on the betting industry as investors, punters, tipsters, gamblers or sports lovers since the beginning of the internet revolution, we've been cheated at least once.

Our mission is to bring punters a piece of mind through our ethics. If a punter enters a betting website which carries our mark, he/she will know that their records are true and the tipster professional enough to monitor his performance. V.S.T is a tool which you can use to base your decision on.

The success of VerifiedSoccerTips is remarkable and since 2009, established by the punters as one of the leading bet verification authorities on the internet.

We are here to help you and if you require our assistance or you want to make a suggestion don't hesitate to contact us